(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Appearing in courtroom 104 today of the Thunder Bay Courthouse by video from the Thunder Bay District Jail is Michael Daniel Bewcyk.


Her Worship Denette Maslach is presiding. Crown Attorney Pasloski and Duty Council Lawyer Roberge are also here.

Bewcyk is charged with violating a prohibition from being around children.

The Thunder Bay Police investigation is apparently still ongoing, and future charges such as Child Abduction and/or Child Endangerment are expected.

The Crown is opposed to his release based on the secondary grounds. Secondary grounds means that the crown may believe that Bewcyk is likely to reoffend or become a public safety issue.


The courtroom was filled from front to back, end to end of the seating area, with the majority of people having to stand up.

The Crown failed to add in the tertiary ground concern, which would indicate the public losing faith in the justice system, should he be released, despite the number of people that showed up to protest his release.

Bewcyk has chosen George Joseph as his potential lawyer, and Joseph sent instructions to Duty Council to remand the matter to August 30th, so that discussions may take place.

Yesterday in court, it was suggested that Bewcyk would be released if he obtained a proper surety. He was referred to the John Howard society, for them to provide that for him.

John Howard has declined to be his surety. Good on you John Howard.

Justice of the Peace Maslach orders Bewcyk remanded into custody for a Thursday August 30th courtdate, in courtroom 104, for the 12:45 list.


Members of the public are encouraged to come watch the proceedings on Thursday, to show the courts that we are all opposed to his release.

Anyone that has witnessed Bewcyk around children since 2010, is asked to contact the Thunder Bay Police Service at 684-1200.

Bewcyk is known as โ€œDanโ€ or โ€œDannyโ€

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