(LETHBRIDGE, AB) – Twelve weeks ago,  a child in Lethbridge found a dirty, used needle outside of his kindergarten class and was playing with it.


The child took the needle home in his backpack.

The mother of the child has a message for people:

“Another round of HIV blood work for my little 6 year old son….. poor guy! This was taken as I was holding him on my lap while two lab techs hold his arm and draw his blood. He can’t stomach watching the process but wanted me to take a pic and show him what it looks like. It breaks my heart that he has to go through all these painful tests.” Says Roisin Gibb.

A similar situation unfolded in Thunder Bay earlier this year, where multiple kids had been playing with dirty, used needles that they found while playing in the playground of a local school.


“Needle debris is a reality within the City of Lethbridge. As our children are getting ready to head back to school please remember to talk to them about what needles look like and remind them not to pick up any garbage or “treasures” they may find on the ground. I hope and pray that no other children or families to have to go through this long painful process. 🙏 🙏“ Gibb said.

Hopefully this boy, and the children in Thunder Bay make it out of this ordeal without any long lasting diseases.

The “harm reduction” strategy of giving out free needles appears to be delegating the harm, and in this case, to innocent children and their family members.

Read the previous article about the situation that unfolded in Thunder Bay below:



  1. talk about class action lawsuits.

    there should be criminal charges brought forth upon EVERYONE involved in the handing out of needles.

    I don’t not care if some p o s get aids because he shares needles with his loser buddies, I care that the society we live in is forced to live with the mess created by those idiots that once again think they are “helping”.

    Let them get aids and die. don’t even treat them with anything more than a bbq lighter, I would prefer that over anyone getting pricked by someone’s improperly acquired and disposed of junk!

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