Citizen, Police, Rescue Man From River


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย First responders were dispatched to the Neebing River at an area just behind the Metro grocery store at the Arthur Street Marketplace just after 12:40 p.m. Wednesday for reports of a male in the river.


A good Samaritan attempted to help the male out of the river, but called 911 after those attempts were unsuccessful.

Members with the Thunder Bay Police Service, Superior North EMS, and Thunder Bay Fire Rescue located the male within 10 minutes.

The male was struggling to get out of the water, possibly due to his alcohol consumption, but was pulled out to safety by the first responders on scene.

Paramedics transported the male to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre AKA The Hilton to be medically cleared after sleeping off the booze.


The quick response and successful rescue was in part thanks to the citizen who, after being unable to rescue the male himself, waited at the scene to provide first responders with important follow-up details.

Source: TBPS


11 Replies to “Citizen, Police, Rescue Man From River”

  1. This is out of control already. Weโ€™ve had nuisance drunks hanging out in the adjacent neighbourhood since the snow melted. The only advice we were given was to call 911 every time, that way itโ€™s logged and hopefully the area will be patrolled more often. Itโ€™s not the most sound advice, but itโ€™s what our police department recommended as a course of action.

  2. You got it Rex!! Let the fun and money wasting begin!! And then a stint of hallway medicine to recover at our expense! Two thumbs up Thunder Bay! Keep up the waste!!

    1. Yes, I think we should keep a running total of what it’s costing tax payers to respond to those who have no respect for their lives. Between the First Responders, Police, Ambulance, Nurses, Doctors, a bed, food and the numerous phone staff ect ect who have been doing this daily, I am guessing about $3000.00 per instance. This doesn’t include the price of Narcan if needed or any other meds. There is NO WAY the police have the man power to patrol these areas when we have more pressing crimes committed against those who want to live…. ie Seniors being robbed, home invasions or people being killed during the day light.

  3. Well the season has started, close to an LCBO, imagine that. I believe this area is more secluded than Intercity which isn’t good. With 2 ambulances out of service, I hope that our resources are not compromised due to the lack of intelligence of certain people.

  4. Who said the man was drunk?? There could have been other reasons that he fell into the river I am not saying he wasn’t drunk I am just asking who knows for sure that he was. I do not doubt that he might have been tipsy but if you are not a responder how do you know for sure?? Just asking that is all

  5. Good luck fixing that lack of intelligence!! The powers that be are catering to this as for some reason they seem to think this is the norm!! Letโ€™s try and run a city on government money instead of investing in making it an attractive place to live and work. In a place where less than half the population pays taxes I truly canโ€™t see the problem going away. The tax payers will pay more for less! Thatโ€™s seems to be the Thunder Bay way!!

  6. Post signs along the river ,if they go and fall in ……let them drown.Our ambulance services are required for people that have medical emergencies that are of a natural cause and deserve immediate service.

  7. More money wasted. If they want to do stupid things, let them. It will save us money. If they had to pay for services, they might think twice.

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