Community Heros Volunteer to Help Evacuees


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – With the recent influx of forest fire evacuees coming to Thunder Bay, the City of Thunder Bay has declined to take more evacuees due to the strain it has put on emergency services.


St John Ambulance volunteers are more than happy to help assist the situation and have been setup at both the Airlane and Valhalla providing medical assistance.

The two stations setup on Tuesday morning at 9:00 am have been functioning 24 hours a day and will continue to do so. The stations are helping evacuees with first aid and triaging patients before a 911 call is made as well as providing support until paramedics arrive.

There are a number of evacuees who have numerous health conditions that require healthcare. St John Ambulance volunteers say they are more than happy to donate their time to help these vulnerable people in their time of need.

Both hotels are being staffed with about 5 people at each location at all times. There have been over 29 people volunteer since the start of the operation on Tuesday. Volunteers include off-duty paramedics, off-duty nurses, off-duty first responders, off-duty firefighters and general members of the public.


Many of these volunteers came out with only a moments notice after a brief phone call requesting help. Therapy dogs will soon be at the locations as well.

The volunteers have provided help to roughly 10 to 25 people on average per day with medical issues ranging from blood pressure checks to things requiring a trip to the emergency department.

St John Ambulance also provides medical assistance to the community at almost all public events as well.

TRCCTB as well as the public would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all the volunteers and first responders that have been assisting our guests in the city with the giant heart. Thank you for all that you do. You guys truly are community heroes.

On July 13th, 2019, beginning at 10:00am until 6:00pm at the St John Ambulance building located at 518 Fort William Road, St John Ambulance will be hosting the Second Annual Community Heroes Day. This event is a family friendly all ages activity. Children will be able to see and meet community Heroes, while being able to check out vehicles, gear, and what they do.

This event also allows anyone who may be interested in a future job in Community Services to gather information on what is required to apply. Some of the participants include Fire, Military, EMS, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, and much more.


They will also have a fundraiser BBQ going on at the same time to help support efforts for a new Ambulance for St. John Ambulance, door prizes, draws and live demonstrations!


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