Dawson Road Transport Crash This Evening


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another vehicle crash on the notorious stretch of Dawson Road/Highway 102.


Thiis evening a tanker truck is said to have left the roadway and slammed into the ditch on Dawson Road near Law Road.

One witness tells us that the trailer and truck have separated. We are not certain if other vehicles are involved.

Police are on scene directing traffic and sorting out the situation.

Please avoid the area if possible and always drive safely.


Photo credit goes to TRCCTB tipster Gerald.


12 Replies to “Dawson Road Transport Crash This Evening”

    1. On my way into city this afternoon there was a TBM milk tanker there off loading the product. No dangerous goods. The tanker that Violet collided with by kam hall was also carrying food grade liquids.

  1. Its time to reduce the speed limit on Hwy 102 to 70 kmh !
    This would greatly increase safety for both commercial and private vehicles.
    Dont forget, if you ask to ban transports, this will only remove the ones going thru town, not transports going to any stops along or off of 102. And dont forget about dump trucks and similar.
    Dont be a NIMBY. Slowing down all traffic here would be safer.

    1. of course local trucks will be still using it. They aren’t the problem it’s these speeding tailgating long haul trucks that are the issue..I see it daily! Yes first step is to reduce speed limit!

  2. It was a weather related crash. Highways was very crappy while it was snowing. Bill Westly did you by chance get to read the write up in the weekend edition of the chronicle journal, regarding 102? It was built for transports to bypass the city. The Residents who built or bought land along 102 knew fully well what it was. A bunch of not in my backyard whiners.

    1. Its easy for someone who has been in an accident to say “the weather did it”. But what about the other 100 vehicles that passed thru just before ? Id gamble to say its either lack of driving skills (inexperience or ignorance – driving too fast for the conditions, following too close etc) or impairment (fatigue is a big one).
      If someone that’s hauling 40+ tons down the road doesnt know to slow down a little due to snow, then we’re all in danger. Maybe if they made semis where a dash mounted pistol shot the driver in the event of an accident, they would drive much more carefully.

  3. Instead of reducing speeds the municipality should actually maintain the road. This was a weather related incident, if the City contractors and crews are unable to maintain the roads then they should turn the funding and the responsibility over to the Province. Seems Thunder Bay is a constant example of how not to do things and all the while residents sit there complaining about foolishness instead of seeking change. Maybe it’s something in the water or they just don’t care. But this road was built for transport traffic regardless of what those who live along it want to say. It’s just like the railway, people complain about CP and CN all the time calling for change and new routes. They were there first. Maybe learn to deal with the consequences of your decisions instead of being a sjw or keyboard warrior. Call your alderman and call for change, they work for you and can be voted out if they are unable to do their jobs. As for the contractors and city crews, fire them, make them liable because the system is broken.

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