(THUNDER BAY, ONT) โ€“ We have received a highly credible tip that an inmate has allegedly passed away at the Thunder Bay District Jail.


What we have heard is that the middle-aged man was taken to the hospital, as he was complaining about chest pains.

The emergency room at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre checked him out and must have said he was ok, as he was sent back to the Thunder Bay District Jail.

Sometime after he returned to the jail, he dropped, passing away.

The inmate died early Saturday morning, and identity is being withheld pending next of kin notification. (Scroll down for identity)


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***BREAKING: Sources have indicated that the deceased individual is Jody Duczminski

Stay REAL Concerned Citizens.



  1. Typical for the regional hospital to send sick people home. They don’t even check you out properly just send you on your way! I know this because it happened to me! Terrible care for some at this hospital!

    1. That’s not right I’m guessing he’s aboriginal but it sounds better have a investigation asap

  2. Always gotta be about aboriginal folks isn’t it Char… here is a thought whether you are white black pink or purple… stay the F**k out of jail and be s law abiding citizen… but Char I guess it’s easier for you to blame everyone else….

  3. Duczminski isnt nish, doesnt mater what fukin race he is. He passed, may he rest in peace and condolences to the family.

  4. Thunder Bay is so racist itโ€™s unbelieveable, some people use stay out of jail as an ignorant and uneducated response to social justice. People are not even rehabilitated as should be in a correctional facility. People go in for minor charges and come out a gang member… if the jail was organized operated and managed properly, inmates would rehabilitate and the corrections in the Correcrional Facility would actually have meaning behind itโ€™s redundant tactics… privately owned and operated jails donโ€™t work, they want to cut corners and save money for the capitalists, it deiregards the purpose of actually changing the behaviours of the inmates… the reason we have jails is not suppose to make bigger criminals but to correct and rehabilitate the behaviours one is struggling through… social justice is needed within these walls, and medical attention needs better staffing and more empathy for the criminal…

  5. He complained of chest pains, and they let him go back to jail???
    Sounds like a lawsuit to me.

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