(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Derek Lankinen has announced he will enter the election and attempt to become a Councilor At Large.


The following is his Facebook post declaring his intentions.

โ€Thunder Bay โ€ฆ I have lived in this city for 36 years.

I have seen our community undergo many changes. Some have been progressive and well received and others have been upsetting and stalled our advancement.

Recently, thereโ€™s been a renewed optimistic energy in our populace. There are more reasons then ever to be excited about the future of Thunder Bay, young entrepreneurs in all kinds of industries are beginning to get real traction on a national level of their chosen marketplaces.


These successes are directly related to the unrelenting support they have received from our residents when their projects were just getting their legs. I, myself have been on the receiving end of this support for many years and on many projects. I can tell you first hand there is no community like Thunder Bay to support their own.

However, with the way our provincial election turned out both locally and province wide, thereโ€™s valid reasons to believe our optimism may feel challenged this year. The best way to positively affect Thunder Bay residents daily lives is at the municipal level.

I am asking for Thunder Bayโ€™s support one more time.

I would like to see Thunder Bay take this energy and put it into projects that gain our city the national attention it deserves for our passionate citizens and their incredible ideas.

In addition, I would like to ensure that this energy is restored in our City Hall by making our city more efficient and fiscally accountable for the taxes it collects from all of us.

Dramatic changes donโ€™t happen overnight. They are the sum of planning and small changes being made consistently. I have proven over my life and career to be able to accomplish dramatic changes through planning and determination. I think our community should mirror these traits more consistently.


Thunder Bay owes me nothing โ€ฆ I owe Thunder Bay everything โ€ฆ Iโ€™m asking you to elect me for Thunder Bay Councillor at Large.โ€



  1. Hello Derek Lankinen,

    Good luck in the election.
    What are your thoughts on the proposed Event centre?

    1. Hello sir! Thank you for the wishes! believe that the event center as proposed is unfeasible at this time. We simply cannot afford it and itโ€™s quite clear that the other levels of government will not be assisting us. Thereโ€™s no reason for us to continue to explore the issue at this time.

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