Drunk Driver Almost Hits Kids


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Theย Thunder Bay Police Service officers were dispatched to Vance Chapman Elementary School just after 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 24 for reports of a suspected impaired driver who just nearly struck a crossing guard and group of children.


The responding officer found the suspected driver parked near the school with a flat tire.

Police learned the accused was travelling westbound on Huron Avenue in a Jeep, between Otto and Shuniah Streets, when he nearly collided with a vehicle travelling eastbound. The other driver was forced onto the Boulevard to avoid the collision.

The accused continued travelling westbound on Huron Avenue, passing in front of Vance Chapman Elementary school where a vehicle was stopped for a crossing guard bringing children across the roadway.

The accused driver entered the bicycle lane to pass the stopped vehicle on its right-hand side, nearly striking the crossing guard and children.


The driver came to a stop at the corner of Huron and Hudson Avenues as his Jeep was leaking fluids and his front passenger-side tire and rim were heavily damaged.

The driver was outside of his vehicle surveying the damage when the officer located him. Through the course of the investigation the officer learned the driver was intoxicated. Further investigation revealed the impaired driverโ€™s blood alcohol concentration was nearly double the legal limit.

A 43-year-old Thunder Bay man is charged with Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Operation While Impaired, and Operation With Impaired Blood Alcohol Concentration.

The accused was released on a promise to appear with a future court date of June 4, 2019.

Source: TBPS


10 Replies to “Drunk Driver Almost Hits Kids”

  1. Where is his name. They need to start publishing them. There need stiffer penalties and jail time. Two times over the legal limit and in a school zone at 9 am!!!!!

  2. Thank God No one was killed by this total loser. Totally mind wasted at 9 am and passing a vehicle on the right while a school guard is assisting children across the road. I dont think there is a judge anywhere in the world who will not be throwing the book at this dumbass. Glad the police caught him quickly and laid the law on him with some very serious charges. Sounds like he will be doing jail time where he can have plenty of time to think about his senseless and selfish actions. We absolutely need stiffer penalties for impaired driving. Fines just dont cut it. I believe automatic jail time would see a major reduction in this atrocious behavior. Same for the cell phones . The fines area joke. Jail time will reduce that too.

  3. He’s not proven guilty yet. Can’t release name until then. That’s been a law in Canada forever.

    1. Scoots Where did you get your law degree? Apparently you missed the front page newspaper last August where a suspected drunk driver was barrelling down Arthur Street driving dangerously in broad daylight and was apprehended by the police. His name was on the front page before he even had a court date. So please tell me which section of the criminal code prohibits an accused person from having their name published? Often the media will cut them some slack and say the charges have not been proven in court. I am very curious as to why this certain individual is having his name protected.

  4. This driver, if proven guilty , should never be allowed behind the wheel of a vehicle in his lifetime. I recently lost a sister and brother in law by the actions of a drunk driver and this could have resulted in the deaths of children.
    The penalties have to be increased.

  5. You want this crap to stop? How about ANY impaired driving charge carries an immediate 10 year driving ban and more severe cases get a lifetime ban on driving in addition to possible jail time and fines etc. Our country is disgustingly easy on criminals never mind the “get out of jail free” reports that get murderers 2-3 sentences. Far as I am concerned, you get in your vehicle impaired, you waive your right to operate a vehicle for life.

    1. Not that cut and dry Bill, if you’re going to make the penalty severe.
      Define “impaired”. MADD has pushed a imperial measurement but this fails to account for some people’s ability to operate safely above it, and some people’s ability to operate far below it. Some people are functionally impaired with no alcohol at all, as far as driving ability, decision making and emergency reaction times. What about prescription drugs, sleep deprivation, etc,.
      Even distracted driving is focused on cell phones but is obviously a larger issue.
      Clearly, if someone has had so much to drink that they fall down instead of walking , then its ludicrous to think that they can drive. But, 0.08 or 0.05 ? There were some tests where a group got measured for driving ability sober then they started drinking. A few participants that were well in excess of the limit continued to perform better than some of the other drivers did sober. Im not saying we should condone drunk driving, but perhaps we should develop a better test for on the road abilities.

  6. Dave1 Check out Section 253 of the Criminal Code. It very explicitly defines both impaired driving as well as drunk driving. You are correct though when you say someone can be impaired without any alcohol in their blood. Falling asleep at the wheel is an example.

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