(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Today was our municipal election, which has some incumbents ousted while others hold their seats.


Below is the unofficial FINAL results with who was in the lead at 10:53 pm.

We will mark “winner” next to names when it’s pretty solid they won.

We will update this once the FINAL results have been made official.


  • Bill Mauro (safe to say he won)

Councillors At Large

  • Aldo Ruberto (winner)
  • Peng You (winner)
  • Trevor Giertuga (winner)
  • Rebecca Johnson (winner)
  • Mark Bentz (winner)

Current River

  • Andrew Foulds (winner)


  • Albert Aiello (winner)


  • Brian Hamilton (winner)


  • Cody Fraser


  • Shelby Ch’ng (winner)

Red River

  • Brian McKinnon


  • Kristen Oliver (winner)

School Trustees – Lakehead Public Schoolboard

  • Deborah Massaro (winner)
  • Ellen Chambers (winner)
  • Marg Arnone (winner)
  • Trudy Tuchenhagen
  • George Saarinen
  • Sue Doughty-Smith
  • Ron Oikonen
  • Cheri Lappage

School Trustees – Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board

  • Dina McFarlane (winner)
  • Francis Veneruz (winner)
  • Kathy O’Brien (winner)
  • Loretta Fonso
  • Tony Romeo
  • Lawrence Badanai

School Trustees – Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Des Aurora’s Boreales (All acclaimed)

  • Claudette Gleeson
  • Elodie Grunerud
  • Mariette Langevin
  • Alain Lauzon
  • Donald Pelletier

School Trustees – Conseil Scolaire Public Du Grand Nord De l’Ontario (Acclaimed)

  • Anne-Marie Gellneault


  1. This election was not legitimate. The online ballots should not be trusted/counted. If they were not, the mayor would have been decided differently. People should be asking for a recount without the online ballots included.

    1. I see someone’s pot delivery has arrived.
      Get with the times, who has time to run to a polling station these days Sorry, not sorry, your candidate was unsuccessful. 🙄

    2. What? Why wouldn’t the online votes be counted? If you take them away are all the people who voted online going to have to go in and re vote on paper? Myself and everyone I know voted online.

    3. So, you feel that all the people who voted online should lose their right to have there vote count in this election? Care to explain to me why?

  2. The hardest part of this election for me, was watching the couple from Dougal media try and do a live newscast. 💘

  3. Pino, I understand you’re relatively new to the news world, but I would have preferred listening to you as opposed to the other site. You should have been there, Brother.
    Just my 2 cents.

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