Good Friday! What is Open and Closed?


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Today is a holiday, Good Friday, which kicks off the Easter long weekend. Today, most stores are closed but below we have compiled a list of what is open and what is closed.


We will be expanding on this list as the community contributes by adding in their information in the comment section.

The Shoppers Drug Mart at the McIntyre Centre is open and open 24 hours a day.This location rarely closes but is definitely open today.

All the malls in Thunder Bay are closed today along with grocery stores and mainstream department stores. We are hoping people were prepared and ensured that they have enough food to make it through today.

All three levels of government offices such as municipal (city), provincial, and federal are closed today, so no paying fines, renewing drivers licenses etc.


The cityโ€™s transportation service known as the โ€œcity busโ€ is still open for service but are operating on a holiday schedule, so please check arrival times before departing.

Unless you stocked up on your favourite alcoholic beverages you will be out of luck today as all the LCBOโ€™s and beer stores are closed. These stores will reopen for their regular Saturday hours tomorrow.

Whatโ€™s Closed?

  • Wal-Mart
  • Zellers (duh)
  • Winners
  • City Landfill
  • The Hub
  • Bay Village Coffee
  • Nipperโ€™s
  • LCBO
  • Beer Store

Whatโ€™s open?

  • Circle K
  • Shell
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (McIntyre Centre) (post office opens at noon)
  • Bean Fiend
  • Georgeโ€™s Market
  • Cheese Encounter
  • Tim Hortonโ€™s
  • Maltese (until 6)
  • Vanderweeโ€™s
  • Burger King
  • Epic Cones 3-8 at the A&W Harbour Expressway
  • Tony Romaโ€™s
  • Compass Foods
  • Swiss Chalet (open until 7pm)
  • The Moose and Goose
  • Centennial Botanical Conservatory (until 8pm)
  • Odena
  • KFC
  • McDonaldโ€™s
  • LCBO (Locations: Crystal Beach, Murillo, Lappe) (Until noon)
  • Skafโ€™s
  • Man vs Meat
  • Golden Wokโ€™s
  • K&A
  • THP
  • East Coast Lobster and Seafood
  • The Sal

Add your contributions as to what is open and what is closed in the comments. We will be periodically updating this article throughout the day.

It is a safe bet to expect these same businesses to be closed/open on this upcoming Easter Sunday.


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  1. It goes to show that Christianity still has a full stranglehold of control over this country by showing no respect for those who are not of the same faith by ramming their culture and law upon those who are not. It goes to show Canada is not a free country by a long shot.

    1. and you live in Canada why? Oh yah, because Canada is not a free country. Got it. Your praciticing freedom of speech aren’t you? ***hole.

    2. FYI GLenn, the majority of people who first built this country and ran it were Christians. And a great many of us still exist. If you have a problem with it, keep it to yourself and enjoy your day off work while the rest of us Christians will take pleasure in knowing Jesus died for our sins and yours to. By the way my family has been in this country for four hundred years and landed in Nova Scotia.

    3. That’s in Ontario. I lived in Alberta for over 30 years and the only day everything is closed is New Year’s Day. Even on Christmas, Asian supermarkets are open so you can buy groceries.

    4. Marge your comment and profanity is typical and sadly reflects how forced this religion has become be it on commentary boards, or the wars and terror violence being fought here and abroad. Please keep your faith and profanity to yourself, for if we did we would all get along just fine regardless of color, race or religion. Comments like yours only reinforces my view and position upon this subject. Have a good weekend.

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