(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Numerous REAL Concerned Citizens reaches out to our tip line about gun shots heard near the County Park / Picton ave area early this morning.


We dug around to see what was going on, and had a tip come in about a police presence on Picadilly at a well known drug house.

”I was sitting outside having a smoke around 5:30 and heard 6 distinct shots, it was definitely gun shots, sounded like a semi automatic hand gun.” Jeremy Nicole McFarley told TRCCTB.COM in an interview. They have indicated they live close to the incident.

A witness near the scene said they believe the gunshots came from a passing vehicle.

As of 8:00 am TRCCTB found multiple police vehicles, and the forensics unit on location in the 400 block of Piccadilly.


Police say they were on location around 5:30 am after multiple reports of gunshots were called in.

The side window of the door to the unit was busted out, and a police officer was on location taking photographs of the scene.

*** UPDATE: 9:00 am Police say nobody was injured in this incident, but that they are investigating gunshots being fired

Information is slim at this point about what happened, but as we always do, we will keep you updated.



  1. curious as to what differentiates the sound between a revolver or a single action pistol versus a “semi-auto” pistol?

    or even the difference in sound between a rifle of a handgun caliber and a handgun itself?

    1. Ok Mike, next club night at the range Ill ask the guys what they think.

      Ive been shooting firearms for more than 2 decades and own restricted and non restricted firearms of many shapes, sizes, styles and calibers. Even after all my experience Im not sure I can detect the difference in sound (is there really any?)

      Im sure the club members will fill me in on this. Thanks.

    2. Can tell the diffrence between handgun and rifle as the rifle will usually sound more ear percining because of gases building up longer in thr long barrel and caliber like a 22 is very snappy as where larger calibers are more of a boom if you hear then you can tell after a few times what is what but as for revolver and mag fed i dont think i would be able to tell the diffrence between the two just that it was a handgun maybe more of a deley in firing or somthing along that line i know the action of the hammer makes a disintive sound but can not hear that unless you are the one firing it

    3. Im pretty sure since we don’t know the caliber of bullet fired NOBODY can make any crazy assumptions that it “sounded like a semi automatic handgun”

      as for “snappy sounding” ammo, well that could be any “high pressure” round like a .40cal. Also the direction of the muzzle focuses the sound in a completely different direction if aimed away from you, then if we throw in the sound wave differing results for buildings, cars, asphalt, concrete, grass, etc Im pretty sure its safe to say that we have no idea what type of gun was fired (if even a real gun and not a starter pistol or whatever).

      My reason for these questions merely is to try to head off any hyperbole and gun “panic”. As a responsible and legal shooter I am familiar with the after effects of people sensationalizing “gun” crime. Lets just keep it factual please. I know that’s not the reporters fault here but anyone jumping to the conclusion that its semi auto handgun shots based purely on the sound is not being factual. They may be correct, but its just a lucky guess at best.

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