HAMM THREATS: Two People Arrested


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย The Thunder Bay Police Service has arrested two people linked to the ongoing threat investigations involving Hammarskjold High School.


Both accused remain in police custody.

The investigation into the threats is ongoing.

No further information can be released at this time.

TRCCTB has heard that at least one arrest was made in the Hammarskjold Parking lot today at noon.


We are working hard to uncover more details.

Source: TBPS


15 Replies to “HAMM THREATS: Two People Arrested”

  1. Hopefully these two dicks are in custody at the Thunder Bay Jail – just to get a peek at what should be their future for the next several years.

  2. Hope they get tried as adults., sentenced as adults, and have to serve in an adult facility for the max term possible. These dumbasses are obviously a nuisance and don’t care for any human life. Put them in general population and let the big guys have some fun with them. They deserve everything they get in the pen.

    1. You do realise no one was physically hurt and it is probably just 2 jack ass kids who thought it was funny. Yes it was a shitty thing to do, but you do not know the circumstances of their lives. Tried as adults? Grow up bro, its going to be a mischief charge, kids f**k up all the time. Now, if they go to the kids house and find guns and what not, ok, ill get behind the adult trial… But mischief? Not a chance. Surprised that dumb ass Bill “beyond ignorant” Westly hasnt chimed in yet.

  3. Pino, please, please, please, release these f***s names when you find out who they are.
    I hope these f***s see this and know people are very eager to find out who they are!

  4. Donโ€™t jump the gun people. We would all like to see this brought to an end but likely wonโ€™t happen. If they are under 18, they will probably get 6 months in juvenile jail, placed under house arrest and have no contact with electronic devices. Read up about the 16 year old that actually had a terrorist plot and devices in Kingston. It is unfortunate that the laws have not changed in the way of youth criminal actions. Secondly, this is far from over. Copycats will continue to make calls because they seek the thrill of the chase. As for the 2 arrested, they wonโ€™t give out the minorโ€™s names as they are protected under the Canadian Youth Criminal act and there will be a news media ban. However, like the case in Kingston, they can give out the names of the parents. If these two wind up being nothing more than loiterers, please call in the RCMP, for godโ€™s sake!

    1. I don’t understand why Pino is going to court over something written on his site ,but can’t go after the website that disses him. Freedom of speech?

  5. Let’s not jump to conclusions that these are the culprits. I think there was a report a week or two ago claiming they had arrested a suspect? That seemed to have fizzled out.

    There will likely be an extensive forensic examination of their devices and activities. When that’s completed, we’ll see if it was them or not.

    As far as punishment, they deserve relatively harsh penalties simply to set an example to dissuade any other idiots from doing the same.

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