Hammer Attack at 288 Windsor Complex Sends One to Hospital


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ The Thunder Bay Housing Complex located at 288 Windsor is well known for the crime that emanates from the area. Drug dealing, violence, theft and more. Today was no different.


Officers from the Thunder Bay Police Service responded to a 911 call regarding an assault that took place in which a woman was struck in the head with a hammer. Allegations are that the accused was intoxicated on alcohol and became verbally aggressive. A heated argument ensued which resulted in the accused striking the alleged victim in the forehead with a hammer. Upon arrival of first responders, blood was visibly running down the alleged victims face. Sources indicate the woman had to goto the hospital to be assessed.

Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning via video from police custody at the Thunder Bay Police Service Station was 18-year-old Shawna McKay, a resident of Deer Lake First Nation. Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was presiding along with Crown Attorney Delaney and duty counsel lawyer Morris.

McKay appears before court this morning and is charged with assault with a weapon (hammer).

The Crown indicates that this is a Crown-onus situation, meaning the Crown would have to show the courts why McKay would need to be held in custody. Court hears that the Crown is willing to release McKay on an undertaking under the following conditions:

  • Reside in Deer Lake First Nation at their grandparents home.
  • No contact with the alleged victim.
  • Not to attend the unit where the incident occured in 288 Windsor.
  • Not possess any weapons.
  • Not to buy or consume alcohol or any substances banned under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act without a prescription.

Duty counsel Morris agrees to the conditions on behalf of McKay but insists that McKay would require 48 hours to leave Thunder Bay as she was visiting here with her grandparents. Court hears that McKay is scheduled to head back to Deer Lake First Nation on Sunday evening, as she was only here for a visit. The Crown agrees to the 48 hour timeline and the order is made.

McKay is ordered released from custody and is scheduled to appear in a Thunder Bay courtroom on August 9th to begin answering to the charges.


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