(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Reports are coming in about a heavy police presence on Jean Street this morning.


A witness on the scene tells us that this was potentially a stabbing, with the severity of the injuries unknown at this point.

Thunder Bay Police Service responded with patrol units and the Emergency Task Unit.

Superior North EMS was also on scene.

This is aย developing story, and we will let you know more as information becomes available.



  1. Jesus, I hope the police force makes a decent wage.
    The utter amount of s**t and complete low lives, they are forced to deal with multiple times daily, is astounding.

    1. The salary for new officers is appalling – $44,000!! I hear from officers you will make a decent wage if you work for a few years and at that pojt your wage increases significantly.

      Certainly earn every penny in this town.

    1. Hi, Helen. The average starting salary for a fourth class constable is around $63,000-in Ontario. After four years it increases to around $100,000. Police certainly get paid very well in Canada for what they d

  2. Not sure where you get your info from โ€œAnonymousโ€ but youโ€™re way off on what officers get paid. After 4 years they get paid 100,000? Thatโ€™s laughable. Nice try though. They CAN work their way up to that pay but itโ€™s much, much longer than 4 years.

    1. As of 2015 a constable in training at the OPC Ernst $55,146 annually. Upon graduating, members will become 4 class constables earning $64,336/annually. As a first class constable you can earn up to $100,183 annually. Feb. 7 2018

  3. “Jo Lynne” not sure where YOU get your info from, but officers start at 4th class constable. Every year of service moves them up a class until they become 1st class constables. Thus should only take 4 years unless they screw up real bad during their first 4 years on the force. A 1st class constable makes just under 100k a year, not including O.T. so “anonymous” is correct.

  4. Well it is obvious that none of you seem to know what these officers get paid, as you all have varying salary amounts lol

  5. Well the police certainly do earn every single penny in this town… and then some.
    After training they make $64k until a promotion?
    Subtract taxes and they bring home around 48k.
    Doesnโ€™t seem right at all.

    I would like to see some of my taxes go towards an increase in the police salary.

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