(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) IDENTIFIED: Hammarskjold Shooting/Bomb Threats Bail Hearing


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – After 14 threats were levied against Hammarskjold High School, police have arrested two suspects in connection with the situation. The two were arrested yesterday and have been in custody ever since.


Appearing in courtroom 104 for an attempt at bail this morning is a youth L.R. and 18-year-old Emilie Jade Pakrashi (pictured), both students of Hammarskjold High School.

Pakrashi is facing the following charges stemming from incidents on April 8,9,10 and 16:

  • Mischief Endangering Life x3
  • Public Mischief x3

The youth is facing charges stemming from incidents on April 11th and April 17th:

  • Mischief endangering life x4
  • Public Mischief x4

The investigation is still ongoing and more charges are expected. Sources indicate that Pakrashi was arrested in the parking lot of Hammarskjold High School around noon on April 17th. One vehicle was towed from the scene.


Police has identified a “device of interest”, which was a cell phone, early on in the investigation. It wasn’t until yesterday that the device could be linked to a specific person at a level where criminal charges could be laid confidently. Thunder Bay Police Service along with the Ontario Provincial Police were working together to get to this point.


The youths cell phone was allegedly connected to the Hammarskjold High School Wi-Fi when threats were made on April 11th and April 17th. The phone has been seized.

The youth has been released on the following conditions:

  • Reside with parents.
  • Be amendable to the rules of parents.
  • No contact directly or indirectly with any staff or students of Hammarskjold High School.
  • Remain in the district of Thunder Bay unless with a parent.
  • No weapons.
  • Reside in a firearms free residence.
  • Do not possess any computer or device capable of accessing the internet.
  • Present themselves to the door when requested by the police.
  • Submit to a search of their person, home or motor vehicle for a police search for an internet capable device.
  • Not to attend Hammarskjold High School or within 500 metres of the school unless in the company of a parent.

The youth cannot be identified due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act. A publication ban has also been requested and granted in the matter.

The youth is scheduled to return to court on May 2, 2019.


Pakrashi was released on a $10,000 no deposit bail and is scheduled to return to to court on May 31st. She is also not to be within 500 metres of Hammarskjold High School without being accompanied by a parent.

The two were sent to the courthouse from the police station to appear in person.

Pakrashi is scheduled to appear in court at 1:00 pm.

Below is a résumé obtained by TRCCTB which indicates that Pakrashi volunteered at Crime Stoppers.

This has not been confirmed with Crime Stoppers.

Below is a screenshot of a social media post the day a threat was levied against Hammarskjold High School. It appears someone was inquiring about the meeting scheduled later that night to address the threats.


More details from her Facebook:


With files from the Thunder Bay Police Service.


46 Replies to “(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) IDENTIFIED: Hammarskjold Shooting/Bomb Threats Bail Hearing”

  1. What a f***ing joke.
    Here’s your 1 year of probation.
    But Please don’t do that again!
    I don’t know what’s worse these f**k stain idiots or the laughable court system.
    What about domestic terrorism?
    What about uttering death threats X the entire student and staff faculty.
    This does not set any precedent of deterrent.

    1. It sounds like that is in addition to any court rulings. “Mischeif endangering life” can potentially mean jail time.

  2. Can only assume that the authorities have sufficient evidence to charge these two A-holes. Considering that murderers get off with minimal punishment in this town, I suspect these punks will get a stern lecture and be sent to bed without dinner one night. The school might nail them with a couple harsh detentions. That’ll teach them!

  3. The youth criminal justice act should be waived and this little terrorist should be named! They are supposed to reside in a firearms free residence according to this. I hope their parents are avid hunters and have to remove their firearms from the residence causing embarrassment and anger through the family. These little bastards need to be held accountable for their acts of terrorism!

    1. this aint f***inf terrorism dumbass, imagine being these girls man, it probably started out as a joke, theyre just f***img kids man

    2. I just read your comment to my hubby, and he said If I were the parent of this child, and had to have my firm arms taken away, I’d leave him in jail.

  4. If these two get off, there are going to be a whole lot of disgruntled residents in Thunder Bay…and I think the juvenile should also be named

  5. Lets face it.Our judicial system is haywire .These shits know they can get aways with it.You get into more trouble for catching too many fish or having tinted windows.What a joke!

  6. Some people were saying they were adults I felt they were youth. Nothing will happen to them. Young offenders works wonders for these deadbeat kids. If I was their parent they would be getting their asses kicked everyday. I know they will not learn from it or they would have stopped after the first call.



    1. I pray her parents are helping her at this time! She needs some serious mentsl health support and likely will for a long time.

      You can’t seriously think her osrents supporting her is a bad thing ?

  8. I wish I knew what these kids were thinking. Now they are in trouble. Im glad they got caught tho and now it’s finally over. I hope they learn from this but I doubt it.

  9. Slap on the hand as per usual. Stand in the corner till you think good and hard about what you did. All the $$$ spent on police action, all the fear you put upon many, and $$$ loss for parents that had to come home from work or stay home with kids in fear. Yeah, just stand in the corner. Shame on you.

  10. pakrashi was released on a 10,000 no deposit bail??? Why she cost the city way more to have the police at the school all those times. Taking them away from other places they needed to be.

  11. Dispite what some of the comments have been saying. This is truly an act of terror. Creating panic and a threat to life is an act of terror. Terrorism is not defined be religious or political motivation, although they are the usual medians..

    1. Oh I know.
      Just let the clowns who use a google definition for a term that hasn’t been updated in half a century have their way.
      But in reality there was a 100 page study on the what is terrorism and how the current definition doesn’t fit today’s standards and how it needs to be updated in the criminal code.
      But ya. It’s easier to let them think they know wtf their talking about.

  12. There’s a good chance that they’re both simply just stupid.

    Even if they’re not watching or reading the news, seems that word of mouth and all of the associated attention with their pranks would have given them a heads up. Let’s hope is stupidity. Otherwise, they could very well be menaces to society at some stage of their lives.

  13. They will either learn from this, or they have mental problems. They should really look into their little minds and see what’s up before they turn into something worse. 😈

    1. Who knows where she could have ended up. She seems to have a very twisted mind—like Terri-Lynne McClintic it Holmoka. Glad she is caught.

  14. “…Do not possess any computer or device capable of accessing the internet…”
    Now that’s harsh 🙂 Those poor little darlings, cut off from the internet. For them that’s probably almost equal to being in solitary confinement.

    They should do some jail time.

  15. Judging from her pics in her page she obviously has the mentality of a youth. However she is 18 and will be judged according to the adult courts. Today’s society does not tolerate not condone threats against people. There actions have roots that run deep from her personal self to the community. School board, police, students , teachers and the list goes on. How many parents had to leave work and miss pay, extra day care costs etc . Costs to the transportation lines that had to pay extra time for drivers. Most importantly the terror and emotional repercussions as we remember watching so many young ones that have lost their lives from school massacres. I hope and pray that they use these people as an example of a repercussion of their actions. Let these “kids” talk to victims of school shootings, look at the pictures of ones that were murdered. Our judicial system needs to do what’s right. They will be judged by their peers and ostracized. This is important so they feel the effects of how they have been affected by these two.

  16. Read em and weep..with the intention of intimidating the public.. They are terrorists! In Canada, section 83.01 of the Criminal Code[1] defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause” with the intention of intimidating the public “…with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act.” Activities recognized as criminal within this context include death and bodily harm with the use of violence; endangering a person’s life; risks posed to the health and safety of the public; significant property damage; and interference or disruption of essential services, facilities or systems.

  17. Her mother secretly paid the bail from the crimestoppers money she got and had a few hundred extra for “indicentals”

  18. Well let’s put it this way. If she is convicted of anything she just lost lots of jobs where security checks are done. Government job nope. City job nope. Hospital nope. Provincial nope. Why cause what she has done is an act of a potential terrorist attack. These r now looked at very seriously and we see what has happen in many places of the world. So is she just a stupid teenager? Nope she is an adult who sees what’s going on in the world. You just ruined your life. As an employer I would not ever hire her as she is not a trusted employee. You may take off your face book page but when you google a name it’s there forever to be found it comes up.

  19. I’m sure the parent(s) are currently looking for a new place to live. I’m thinking Timbuktu would suffice. However, between these two individuals, I count a total of 6 calls they have been traced on. Was there not 14 threats made against the school? Is the assumption that they made all the calls? This may be far from over

  20. if we were in the states, they would also name the youth and both of them would still be in jail, and would be for a long time.
    In Canada, I fear the school board will be harsher than the courts. It seems to be the trend. The courts fail the community every time. Why would it change now?

    1. Nope. They don’t even name parents in the states so people don’t put two and two together.

  21. Criminals are the victim, the victims are the criminal. Only in Canada, and especially Thunder Bay.

  22. she didn’t make threats, she called in a “tip” saying she heard that there were threats. but there was never any actual threats made to the school, thats why the charges are not uttering threats

    1. She still called in cause she was the one doing the shots. She is guilty no matter what is said. Why she did it is a mystery. Hopefully we get answers. She def stepped over the bounds of keeping our youth safe. She went way pass that. So sorry do the crime pay the price.

    2. 3 times for sure, I don’t think they can prove the other. from my understanding she would leave a tip through crime stoppers that she heard there was a threat towards the school. Also I agreed she should be punished. I just wanted to explain why its mischief and not terrorist threats.

  23. this court system is fucking sick letting out those terrorist i`ll bet if they were Native it will be a different story charged for Terrorism makes me sick this country

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