Instagram Model / Alleged Drug Dealer Zara Keshk Released On Bail



On Monday November 12, 2018 Police executed search warrants on the 700 block of Pacific Avenue and the 200 block of Finlayson Street. A total of 8 people were arrested, 5 of whom were from the Greater Toronto Area.

In addition to those arrested, Police seized $22,000 in Canadian currency, paraphernalia indicative of drug trafficking, 170 grams of a substance believed to be Fentanyl with a street value of $85,000, 130 grams of a substance believed to be cocaine with a street value of $9,800 and more than 500 pills believed to be Oxycodone with a street value of $5,000.

The following persons were arrested and charged:

  • Jay Alexander, 18, of North York, Ont.
  • Anusanth Arulnothayarajakumar, 21, of Scarborough, Ont.
  • Zara Keshk, 28, of Thunder Bay
  • Walter Kis, 60, of Thunder Bay
  • Quwayne Miller, 24, of Scarborough, Ont.
  • Wendy Sampara, 51, of Thunder Bay
  • Aaron Small, 21, of Scarborough, Ont.
  • The 8th person arrested is a youth and thus cannot be identified.

All persons were charged with:

  • Possession of a Schedule 1 Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking X 2
  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime over $5000
  • Keshk was charged with an additional Possession of a Schedule 1 Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking

On November 27,2018, the former law clerk ZARA TANIA KESHK appeared before Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman and was granted a 30 000$ no deposit bail with her mother acting as surety. Both Zara and her mother Nancy each pledged 15 000$. She must reside at her motherโ€™s home on Bethune Street along with several other conditions.

All the drugs were found in Keshkโ€™s home on Finlayson and she was arrested nearby at Tim Hortonโ€™s. She had her young son in back seat of car when TBPS arrested her.

She goes by ZARA KAY on Instagram

Her next court appearance is December 18,2018


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  1. No comment because Iโ€™ll not only be deemed a โ€˜racistโ€™ but also deemed a โ€˜sexistโ€™!

  2. From model to pole dancer to street walker. Doing drugs and hanging with drug dealers is a downward spiral. Lucky she still has her mom.

    1. You are spot on to feel this way. Sorry about your friend. We have lost many people to OD in this city and the time is now that these drug dealers start getting charged for murder.

  3. Unreal such a beauty but now the ugliness comes out!! Hopefully this is a wakeup call for her to change her life around especially for young son.

  4. Wow,we even attracted the attention of Donald Trump.How do you like them apples Pino? I have to agree with the President on this one although I would happily settle for the first lady .

  5. Seen her in the dollar store the other day. She has put on at least 50 lbs… lol guess that what jail does

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