(THUNDER BAY, ONT) โ€“ We have some information about more gang-related violence occurring in Thunder Bay.


What we are hearing is that allegedly a member of a gang, which we will call Gang1 was in town and upset about the abductions and fentanyl trafficking that has been ongoing in our community. Gang1 blames Gang2 for these things happening.

Gang2 jumped the man from Gang1 and severely injured him. Details are low at this point, but the man is recovering quickly.

What sources have indicated is that a potential for a gang war in our city is very high at the moment, with gang members flooding in from both sides.

What we have been told is that this wonโ€™t be random violence, this will be highly targeted attacks between these gangs.


Neither one of these groups are any type of motorcycle club.

We will update you as soon as we get more information. Yes I seen the injured individual.

Please share so that your friends and family may be aware to the potential.



  1. Never had any of this happen when Hells Angels were downtown. Thank everyone for chasing them out years ago.

    1. completely agree with you, although they are still there just flying under the radar, lets hope they step in and take care of these little gangs that kidnap wemon.

  2. Why don’t you rednecks just disband your local police department and have your hero Hells Angels in charge of upholding the laws of the land? What could go wrong? Smh. What a bunch of biker c*ckholsters.

  3. Thats so true right on the button, Hells Angels were in town it was all good, as soon as they were chased outโ€™a town, everybody and their cat became a dealer.

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