Is This Your Bike Being Stolen?


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Thunder Bay and all cities across Canada are no stranger to experiencing petty theft, today was no different.


A REAL Concerned Citizen, who prefers to remain anonymous, witnessed what he believes was a bike being stolen from the Wal-Mart at 777 Memorial Ave. He took the two photos in this article.

The person was hiding their face from the camera and aggressively fidgeting with the bike lock.

Bike thefts are common place among thieves and broke substance abusers to obtain a quick mode of transportation and, if valuable enough, something they can trade in for their next hit or cash to get a drink.

Bike thefts are so common across the city that the majority of people, myself included, have become completely numb to them. I have lost two bikes in Thunder Bay to theft. How many, if any have you lost?


If this is your bike, leave a comment or message me and letโ€™s start the process of getting it back to you.

Before anyone says anything stupid like โ€œwhy didnโ€™t the guy stop the theftโ€, because getting poked with a dirty needle filled with disease isnโ€™t worth saving someoneโ€™s couple hundred dollar bike. Take a picture and steer clear of trying to be Mr Incredible.


6 Replies to “Is This Your Bike Being Stolen?”

  1. That’s brazen to steal the bike in broad daylight while an onlooker observes the theft. Just goes to show how bad this town is getting. Time to think about leaving this hell hole.
    Too bad there wasn’t a picture of the thief’s face.

  2. Move anywhere on the planet and you are going to be dealing with shit. No place is better. Don’t suck it up. Everytime you see shit happening call it in.
    It’s not our fault this is happening. It’s the non existent justice system. The government not wanting to be responsible.

    1. Can’t say I agree with you completely Tom.

      The level and intensity of criminal activity in Thunder Bay has grown out of proportion. The types of crime is also a serious issue. More wanton violence, personal and home invasions have increased to unacceptable levels. I spend many months away in a city much larger than Thunder Bay. Trust me, I feel much safer there than when I’m here. Never have to deal with street thugs and aggressive panhandlers asking for smokes and money like I do here. Simply put, this town has deteriorated significantly in the last ten years or so and now is in very serious trouble.

  3. I’ve never had anything stolen because I take the care and time required to properly store my valuables.

    Not saying I’m doing it the right way, but I haven’t been a victim of theft in my 28 years on Earth…sooooooooo….

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