(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Jim Stadey, owner of “Eat Local” which is notorious for great food, and giving back to the community, has annnounced he’s running for At-Large Councillor.


“I am running for council. This is something I have been working towards for a long time and I really hope to earn your support over the summer as I walk every street, lane way and alley in the city to meet you and hear your perspective.

For years I have volunteered in positions of advocacy while working my towards my own goals as an entrepreneur. I have seen first hand the divisions in our community and the systemic issues that hold us hostage from being able to live comfortably together.

I don’t claim to have the solution to every problem, and I respect you all enough to say that. I do know there are champions, representatives and leaders who have already been fighting for our city, and can speak on behalf of those who may not be in a position to feel comfortable speaking for themselves. I would be honored for the chance to become your ally, your friend and your representative in council. Let’s talk, soon.

I want to help enact a new level of transparent access in our community. So many people I talk to assume they aren’t qualified or important enough to have an opinion and I need you to know we ALL deserve a say. I want to help break down barriers so that everyone feels that they have a seat at the table in the governance of our city.


These barriers are not always as obvious as we think and can be as simple as the words used to describe an issue. I want to make it my goal to help remove the veil from city Finance and Budget issues so that everyone in every walk of life can feel confident that they have the information they need to engage in public debate.

I want to talk to every single one of you who has an idea, a question or a concern of their own. I have until October 22nd to get you as excited about me as I am about you.

Thank you Thunder Bay“ – Jim Stadey



  1. Sounds more like a moral crusade. Municipal politics is about making a city run properly, not about what special cause gets special funding or attention. Its time to return to politics for the whole, not for the few.

    anyone that wants to worry about the basics like sewers, streets, garbage, parks, and try to maintain a budget without going further into debt would do wonders in attracting votes.

    all these minor players never seem to mention the basics, they just have some agenda that says they know what the city needs but really its what they think it needs.

  2. Jim says,
    “I have seen first hand the divisions in our community and the systemic issues that hold us hostage from being able to live comfortably together.”

    Well, Jim – there are two sides to that coin. I have seen both. In saying that, there are times I TOO feel I can’t live comfortably. Especially when I walk on Simpson Street or anywhere else in that area.

    I will say one thing, there sure are a lot of new faces running this year. I’ll wait to hear their agenda’s. Until then, I’ll reserve judgment.

  3. It’s thoughts like bubba’s that keep ‘us hostage.’
    Correct me if I’m wrong… you walk a few steps on Simpson street n you’re cringing your face taking in the smell with your nose in the air. __________
    Anyone who falls into the cracks of that street do so with the help of people who ‘reserve judgment.’

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