(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Just after 3:30 a.m. on October 9, 2018, patrol officers observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed as it swerved off Arthur Street onto May Street, failing to stop at the red light.


Officers followed the vehicle that stopped in the laneway behind the Columbus Center. The male driver exited the vehicle brandishing a knife and began to flee.

An officer pursued him and the male then pulled out a hammer and swung it at the officer. A second officer assisted in getting the male handcuffed after a struggle.

A female in the vehicle exited and began aggressively yelling and swearing at the officers. She was also taken into custody. A search of the male resulted in several weapons being seized.

Tyler Neil Alan Boily, 32-years-old of Thunder Bay appeared in court and was remanded into custody on the following charges:

  1. Resists Arrest
  2. Dangerous Driving
  3. Assault Police
  4. Weapons Dangerous

Some history below on Tyler Boily.

Tyler Boily killed two people in a highway collision on the Thunder Bay Expressway at the Neebing River Bridge in March 2014. He has plead guilty to the charges in a Thunder Bay courtroom.

He plead guilty to two counts of dangerous driving causing death, in which Michelle Parker and Daniel Brooks, both 28-years-0ld at the time, died.

Boily was sentenced to five years in a federal prison. He was credited for presentence custody and only had 40 months left as of May 2015.

A urine and blood test done at the hospital revealed that Boily had cocaine and marijuana in his system at the time of the fatal collision. An amount of cocaine and marijuana was also seized from his vehicle after the incident.

Boily was sentenced to serve some of his sentence at the Kwikwexwelhp Healing Lodge in British Columbia, a minimum security federal institution for First Nations men.

He was also to be under a 10-year driving ban, and a 10-year weapons ban once released.


*** UPDATE OCTOBER 10: Tyler Boily and Elyssa Kartinen appeared back in court again today to face more charges in relation to the dangerous driving incident that they were arrested for on October 9, 2018.

The follow up investigation revealed that the vehicle they were in was taken without permission. The owner of the vehicle eventually reported it stolen to police.

Both have subsequently been charged with Possession of Stolen Property Over $5000 and appeared in court . Kartinen was released with a future court date. Boily was remanded into custody.

Elyssa Kartinen, 24-years-old of Thunder Bay appeared in court and was released with a future court date charged with:

  1. Obstruct Police
  2. Resist Arrest

Boily will be returning to court tomorrow.

Kartinenโ€™s release conditions are:

  • No contact with Tyler Boily
  • Curfew of 10pm โ€“ 6am
  • Attend the door when requested by police during curfew hours

She has a future court date of November 6th.

This investigation is ongoing.

With files from: TBPS Media Release



  1. Jesus christ.
    Dude goes to jail for killing 2 people back in 2014.
    Gets out and is back at it again?
    WTF is wrong with people?

  2. Good to see the healing lodge stuff worked. I’m surprised that he was put in custody at all? Isn’t that racist nowadays?

  3. Bring back the death penalty for these people…. we waste millions of dollars a year putting them in jail and they come back out and cost us more and more and more…. just do away with the problem permanently. You take a life…. lose yours.

  4. Well it doesn’t look like his healing lodge sentence served as much of a deterrent. What a crock of crap. You call this equality ? If I did this I would have been behind bars my whole sentence. Healing lodge versus jail. A bit of racial preferential treatment.

  5. Lock him up and keep him there! Put him in a real jail for 10 years or so. It’s idiots like this that never learn!

  6. This is so typical of our two tier system of justice, any percentage or claim of native bloodline gets you all sortof considerations of leniency under the Gladue decision held up by our SCC, and entrenched in the Charter. Its a sad joke, this POS and his coked up girlfriend should have been given hard time after the first death of two innocent people he killed on the highway. Yes bring bqck capital punishment lets get rid of the trash.

  7. There are people who do benefit from the Corrections Canada Federal system and not go back to re-offending, that’s why they call it “corrections”. If you send all the idiots under a punitive system-the results would be worse in an already stressed system and eventually burst the cost at the seems. The programs have been cut back by harper and the results are obvious. This guy probably need a little longer to get a grip of his life. Its unfortunate, that lives are being lost but if this was your brother or child- you would not want to see more suffering because of addiction problems. Eventually everybody gets released – even lifers gets released. The Charter is for everybody including the minorities and I’m sure if this happened to you-you would want it to be beneficial for you also.

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