Landlord’s Send Out City-Wide Notice


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – There has been a recent rash of laundry room heists happening now across the city once again.


Thunder Bay Police are working hard, investigating the cases as they get reported.

Recently a landlord told TRCCTB.COM that not only are people’s sense of security diminished after these incidents happen in their building, but the crooks cause often in excess of $1000 in damage for the about $10 in the machine.

Landlords across the city are sick of this ongoing plague of laundry room thefts. Most of them have equipped their buildings with high definition security cameras to assist in bringing the thieves to justice.

Tenants across the city are urged to call police immediately if they see suspicious people in their buildings laundry room.


A number of landlords are switching over to a card system, so that no cash is in the unit. The card system works like a credit card that you top up and then insert into the machine to apply your credits.

The suspected thief spearheading most of these incidents has been identified and police are following up. Below is a copy of the message landlords are sending to their tenants.



4 Replies to “Landlord’s Send Out City-Wide Notice”

  1. Might be an idea to look into a credit card pay system for laundry facilities. Might cost a couple of points but at least this problem would go away.

    Can’t believe how pathetic a person could be to have to steal a few bucks in change? Unbelievable low life. I have more respect for dog sh!t on my shoe that this piece of garbage.
    This city is definitely sinking to new lows.

  2. Might be a better idea for landlords to install secure locks on all doors from the outside and then the only ones entering the building have a special key or card . You won’t need anything special on machines unless this is the kind of bldg that someone may need the money to pay their rent.

    1. Dee Locked doors are no deterrent. The problems is that way too many of the apartments and low rental income properties in this city have criminal activity going on. My mom is over 85 and lives in a seniors building on the north side. Most of those seniors are not blind but they are frightened. Those criminals let anyone in these buildings and then those outsiders are free to roam the halls higher than a kite or all liquoured up. I cant tell you how many times I have I talked to other residents in her building and they are fed up.The police continue do their best but they are overburdened trying to clean up the infinite crap in this city. It is only a matter of time before some innocent person is going to get caught in the crossfire of all the garbage taking place here. Even then probably nothing will change. We will hear all the apologies and politcal verbal diarhhea but things will just carry on as usual. So disgusting that our beautiful city has turned into a cesspool of S*#t

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