Little Old Woman Robbed Outside ATM – Algoma Street


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service have scrambled officer’s to the area of Algoma and Pearl after a call for service came in.


A little, innocent elderly lady had used an ATM at the Copperfin Credit Union on Algoma and upon leaving the lobby, was robbed of her money.

The suspect was followed by some REAL Concerned Citizens that were in the area and it is believed he fled to a well known crack trap house near the corner of Pearl and Secord.

Police have a strong presence and are on foot securing the area.

A “Trap House” is a residence in where drug dealers are selling their drugs out of. Not to be confused with a “flop house” where drug users pile in to use drugs, but also not to be confused with a “shooting gallery” which is a residence where people mainly “shoot” needles in their arms all day. It is not uncommon for all three types of “houses” to be amalgamated into one.


The suspect is described as:

  • Indigenous.
  • Aged in the mid 20’s.
  • Salmon coloured shirt.
  • Blue sweater.
  • Jeans.

The suspect fled with $200 and police are investigating.

UPDATE: Police have cleared the scene, no suspect was seen being taken into custody.



6 Replies to “Little Old Woman Robbed Outside ATM – Algoma Street”

  1. Another broad daylight robbery? At least the old girl wasn’t murdered.

    This violence problem is way out of hand. When is city council going to pull their heads out of their butts and start dealing with these welfare scamming crack heads? City hall needs to lean on DSSAB to start cutting off welfare to these violent winos and druggers. Cut off their money (drugs/booze) supply and they’ll have no choice other than to leave. Their “homies” will only carry them for so long.

    We have to stop luring these lowlife vermin to the city with easy welfare money. That’s the root cause of most of our social problems we’re experiencing. Like pigs to the trough, if they can get their dope money easy and for free, they’ll keep coming.

    It’s been in the news that ODs and violence go up when the welfare checks are issued. No secret that a lot of welfare money is going right into the dope dealers pockets. Drug and alcohol tests should be administered to every welfare recipient and applicant prior to and during their time on welfare. Got dope or alcohol in your system – NO WELFARE! Got kids to feed? Should have thought of that before drugging and drinking your checks away. Authorities should take the kids away until the parents are responsible enough to get off of booze and drugs and are capable of taking care of them. Otherwise the kids will end up being the next generation of welfare scammers and substance abusers. It’s an ugly cycle that must be acknowledged and dealt with.

    Hope this animal is caught and I also hope the cops give this slimy creep a special ride to Balmoral. Take the long “bumpy” way there, if you know what I mean.

    1. Punky & Shan:

      Care to elaborate or is that too much effort for you? One line of typing and you’re ready for a nap? Or is it because you have nothing to prove me wrong?

      Face the facts. Thunder Bay is a welfare town and it’s easy welfare that draws hundreds, if not thousands of scammers in from out of town to get on the dole for life.

      I guess if one is on welfare and a drug/alcohol abuser, the idea of systematic drug and alcohol testing wouldn’t be in one’s best interest? That would require some effort as well….

  2. This scumbag was working the Maltese’s parking lot today looking for spare change .

  3. Rex I totally agree. I sympathize with addictions but I don’t think society should have to pay for it. This city is being ruled by drugs and alcohol. We can’t even get medical attention when needed because the EMS are too busy reviving the self-inflicted. And to think that there are small children counting on their parents to make the right choices. I’m sick of hearing of hearing the courts Putting a bandage on these criminals. What the hell ever happened to consequences? Godspeed and the best of luck. Continue to let your voice be heard!

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