(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A 41-year-old Thunder Bay man is prohibited from owning pets for five years after being found guilty under provincial animal welfare legislation relating to the treatment of a dog in his care.


Cory Toal (Lacroix) was found guilty on October 12, 2018 in a Thunder Bay Provincial Offences Court of permitting distress to an animal and failing to provide the care necessary for general welfare.

The Justice of the Peace sentenced Toal to a five-year prohibition preventing him from owning or caring for animals during that time. He also received two years probation and was fined $500.

A bulldog cross was brought to the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society on November 14, 2017 by a landlord after she was found abandoned in unsanitary conditions inside a rental unit. There was no heat on in the apartment and the dog did not have access to food or water. Attempts to locate the dog’s owner were unsuccessful.

An investigation was launched and an Ontario SPCA officer with the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society located Toal, who was subsequently charged.


“Pets are not objects to be left behind when you no longer want them. You have a responsibility to ensure the proper and humane care of that animal,” says Lynn Michaud, Senior Inspector, Ontario SPCA. “If you are in a position where you can no longer care for your animal, contact the Ontario SPCA or your local humane society to discuss rehoming options.”

To report suspected animal cruelty, call the Ontario SPCA’s province-wide animal cruelty hotline at 310-SPCA (7722), or your local police.

Source: OSPCA



  1. Live how they forgot to mention that it was the landlord who shut the gas off in the house and was taking to court and was found guilty of this. The dog was left in a HEATED room with food and water. The landlord didn’t like The fact the dog was crapping on the floor so he stole her and brought her to pound. Living in a house with no heat in winter I was stuck living on friends couches cause it took 2 months to get a court date to get gas back on. The dog was fine she was taking and cause I didn’t qualify for legal aid and couldn’t afford a lawyer I had to plea out. Anyone who knows me knows I loved my dog my kids loved that dog I agree leaving her alone sucked hated it. People leave there dogs in cages day long she had a couch a chair a bed she was comfy but lonely

    1. It doesn’t take a “court date” to get the gas turned back on Cory. It takes paying your bill to Union Gas.

      Take responsibility for yourself.

      Why was your dog defecating on the floor? No landlord would “like” this – it’s unsanitary and unsafe.

  2. Cory it took a lot for you to explain your situation. It can be hard for a renter to own a dog.
    When people are hit with hard times and it can happen to anyone is there someplace where they can take their animals without totally losing them?

  3. Not saying I agree or disagree but there are always two sides to every story, thank you for speaking up and sharing yours Cory.

  4. Well I know Cory personally and in his defence he loved that dog (princess) and I hope he has her with someone he knows for this time frame he’s been given. It should be noted that despite many hardships Cory has maintained sanitary and comfortable conditions for his children pets and himself. Leave it to the judges and crown to sensationalize the story making C out to be the bad guy.

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