(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Another concerning incident has happened in the city regarding old men and children.


Dane McDowell explains what happened to his daughter yesterday โ€œOne of my daughters goes to Claude Garton french immersion public school. At some point yesterday a man was seen hanging around the school on a scooter.โ€

McDowell doesnโ€™t believe it was Bewcyk, as he is in custody. but what happens next has McDowell reaching high levels of concern.

โ€œHe then proceeded to call my daughter over to the fence and gave her candy, which she gave to a supervisor. Iโ€™m told he left as teachers approached him.โ€ McDowell tells us.

According to a school official, the school called the Thunder Bay Police Service right away, and they searched for the scooter man, but could not locate him.


The school community police officer had police cars search the area immediately, according to the school official, but they have not heard anything back from the police as of yet.

The school sent out a letter to all parents last night, to remind them to ensure their kids donโ€™t accept rides or candy from strangers.

McDowell has some words of advice to share after going through this ordeal โ€œIt could be totally innocent and no harm meant at all, but in 2018 you simply cannot do that. Parents just talk to your kids and make sure they know that just because an adult tells you to โ€ come here โ€ does not mean you have to.โ€

โ€œMake sure they know the difference between an adult who you listen to and ones you donโ€™t. I thought I had done a good enough job teaching this but I guess I didnโ€™t . Just be carefulโ€



  1. You are doing a very good job informing people on the issues we face daily. I appreciate your skills and persistence in reporting these incidenses

  2. As a concerned father, any info is better than none. I don’t think the problem is with the police, but more so a lack of presence is everything. It’s time we stood behind them and try to find a way to support them. Thank you Pino for getting the word out and making us more aware.

  3. It upsets me to be referred to as “dumb” for believing that Pino does have skills in reporting to the community the information that he does. You do not know me, Roger! If you did, referring to me as dumb would probably make you feel, and look pretty darn dumb yourself! If YOU don’t think Pino has skills, then say so, but please don’t assume you know whether or not I am intelligent just because my opinion is different than yours.

  4. You know what Roger you must be the dumb one! Why are you on this site posting?
    Stop calling other people shows your mentality or lack of!

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