Man STABBED in the neck for not having a cigarette to give.




Appearing by video this morning Tuesday January 22,2019 from the Thunder Bay Police Station are 19 year old HARLEY AUSTIN BEDWASH-LOON & 26 year old TRAVIS JACOB BEDWASH-LOON (pictured).

Her Worship, Jennifer Neill is presiding. Provincial Crown Franceline Auclair is here along with Duty Counsel.

Shortly past 12 am this morning, it’s alleged that HARLEY & TRAVIS approached a 30 year old male whom they did know near the Pacific Ave Bridge to East End. They asked the male for a cigarette. The random man did not have a cigarette for them.



Thunder Bay Police arrived quickly on the scene as the victim made his way across the street to the Mac’s at the Simpson/McKenzie intersection. The victim was taken to hospital with very serious neck injury which has endangered his life.

They both have violent criminal histories.

Crown Attorney Auclair is not consenting to their release.

They are being transferred to the Thunder Bay Jail. They have a court appearance by video tomorrow.

If you have a picture of Harley or Travis, please send it in. The Director of Communications at TBPS failed to publish their photos.



24 Replies to “Man STABBED in the neck for not having a cigarette to give.”

  1. Lock them up and throw away the key! That is attempted murder! Never mind the Gladue BS. Put everyone on the same playing field!

  2. I’m seriously surprised there aren’t vigilante beatings out there yet. It’s coming, only a matter of time.

  3. Hope these two boyfriends have a nice time in jail for the day.
    Little romantic escape from the pressures of everyday life hey buds?
    Couple of real goofs there.
    Look at that clowns face.
    More craters then Freddy Kruger haha

  4. This is savage , return of the death penalty must , must be
    Brought back to public for discussion. A provincial mandate … if not a Federal one .
    American states have there own say as we should also .
    Nothing deters committing a death or violent crime
    Like a consequence of one loosing his or her own life .due to a Crime which takes another life

    1. so if we had the death penalty and i was suicidal but couldn’t do it myself, i could just kill my worst enemy and let the state do it for me, which could be you.. lol .. or even better, then they can just accuse innocent people and get them sent to death.. and why even bother having murder illegal if you murder someone for murdering someone, although with the decline of culture to whats happening, who really cares anyway? it’ll be either time to fight or flight soon enough… and id rather not go down like a g in a ghetto.

  5. Fidler rein in your bunch of goons and thugs. This is freaking crazy, when will this all stop! Not even one word from the First Nations Leadership regarding all of the violence etc that is being caused.

  6. It’s one thing to ask someone for a cigarette, it’s another to stab them if they don’t give you one, regardless if you smoke or not. Thugs like these two fools truly belong behind bars because they are a danger to society. It’s pretty sad that you can’t even walk down the street anymore without fear.

  7. They will get a slap on the hand and out again to stab someone else…. one will have to walk around with a knife just to protect themselves.

  8. ask yourselves this….if it were 2 white males your dirty, racist ass city asking a native man for a cigg and he had none and said no…and those 2 same non natives , stabbed him or beat him from an inch of his life….would you still be saying the same shit ? no probably not…..and that same scenario i just explained …has happened multiple times to our first nations peoples of this country….especially in thunder bay dirty!!….yous white folks target native too!!! its a 2 way street!!

  9. I work in the downtown south core and it is a rare occasion that I don’t get asked for a cigarette at least once a day, it is not just Simpson Street this can happen anywhere in this city.

  10. These Loon animals should not be allowed on the streets – prison is where they belong and should stay. You can’t fix stupid.

  11. I’d like to hear the results, what the sentence will be. Just curious. In the states it’s bye bye for a long time. Seems everyone here gets probation or a light sentence. Stab a stranger in the neck? Really!!!! Who does that?

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