Appearing in Bail Hearing Courtroom 103 today is ADRIAN MYLES PUENTES-REED AKA BFG SAINT

On June 15,2018, 25 year old ADRIAN MYLES PUENTES-REED of Hamilton and 25 year old KALID YOUSUF from Toronto were arrested in a rented Ruttan Street home by the Thunder Bay Police during the execution of a search warrant. Sources indicate PUENTES-REED was sleeping at the time Thunder Bay Police entered.




Items seized during the search:

  • 753 200$ in Canadian currency. Packaged in various bundles at numerous locations throughout the home.
  • A cash counting machine.
  • 800 grams of cocaine
  • 56 grams of crack cocaine
  • 2 pounds of marijuana.
  • A heavily contaminated drug scale.
    – A total of 4 handguns.
  • A loaded Glock 9 mm handgun with 2 high capacity magazines loaded with hollow point bullets. It was traced back to being stolen from a gun store in Brant County in Southern Ontario.
  • A loose bag of ammunition containing 53 rounds of 9mm hollow point bullets.
  • A .32 caliber Browning semi automatic handgun.
  • A .380 caliber Diamondback semi automatic handgun.

PUENTES-REED was born in Mexico but living in Toronto area for many years before coming to Thunder Bay. He stands about 5’7” tall , has a very fair complexion for a person of Mexican heritage. He wears geeky looking glasses and keeps his hair cut very short.

On September 20,2018, PUENTES-REED was released on 25 000$ cash deposit bail by Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman to his father. He was wearing a GPS monitor and was on virtual house arrest in Calgary. The GPS is at his expense. He had several conditions that he had to abide by.

PUENTES-REED has 2 criminal convictions for armed robbery in Canada. As well as convictions for breaching court orders.

PUENTES-REED was arrested on December 18,2018 in Thunder Bay for alleged breach of recognizance.

The bail hearing for breach was held today. Her Worship Anna Gibbon seems to be in a very giving mood and decides to release the alleged gang leader on an undertaking. He has to abide by all the conditions of his previous release as well as surrender his Mexican passport to the RCMP within 48 hours.


Defence attorney Labine requested a publication ban several times during the hearing. Then Labine approached me in the body of the court and asked me to change seats. There were only 3 people in the body of the court. I refused and told him there was no designated seating in court.

PUENTES-REED is fitted with a GPS ankle bracelet and free to leave with his father again. His next court date is February 12,2019 in Courtroom 302 for a Focus Hearing.


With files from a TBPS media release.


9 Replies to “Massive Drugs & Guns Bust Suspect Free Again”

  1. What will it take to lock these guys up. Useless criminals are being let go with no real deterrent to reoffend
    They have destroyed way to many lives and keep getting away with it over and over

  2. So this guy was already on a cash deposit recognizance (sounds like with a surety being his father), breached that release, and then was released on an undertaking? Im pretty sure they are supposed to climb the ladder of forms of release when they breach court orders, not go down the latter. Why on Earth did this pathetic Justice of the Peace release this dangerous offender on an undertaking????

    There needs to be some oversight on what these JPs do and have somebody hold them accountable. Maslech lets Charles Casmey go and then he kills someone, Leaman is letting drug dealers walk left and right and now Gibbons lets an offender that had loaded hand guns and bags of ammunition just walk free on his own undertaking??

    What is it going to take for these JPs to start doing their job and protect society and administer justice???

  3. These pathetic, useless members of society! Daddy has to come and hold his hand while he hides under his hoodie like a little coward! Our pathetic justice system letting this scum out to re-offend again! Where does society finally get fed up and demand justice and demand the court take responsibility for who they release?

  4. Who’s getting paid? I think the corruption lies with this local judicial system, not the police. It’s really sad when people from Toronto are “scared” to visit Thunder Bay bc it’s known as gang land with a high murder rate, endless drug addicts and dealers, now drive-by’s. The Police are doing their jobs and getting nailed for “racism and corruption”. Who’s committing the crimes here?! What the hell is going on in this city!!!?

    1. I am with you 100percent. The police are in the front lines to clean up the city and i am convinced someone is being either paid off or threaten with violence. Im scared for my kids and god forbid if any of my family is ever harmed. Im to old now with nothing to loose. I prey for a the good folks in tbay

    2. Totally agree Dee and everyone else making the same complaint about the JP’s. These people are supposed to be the top of the justice system and keep these low life criminals in jail not let them out and do their deeds again. Put this low life on the first plane to Mexico and not allow him back in the country. I agree there should be accountability with thes JP’s. This city is turning into a shit hole unfortunately. Don’t know how much longer I plan on staying here. On that note both city council and the police need to get together and do something about the reputation of this city. I give all the credit in the world to the police having to deal with these low life’s daily and all for nothing in some cases. Hats off to you officers. I think it’s time for some public hearings with council, police and even a JP or two to discuss and fix these issues. Last rant where is the local media stories on these issues? Why didn’t they say anything about the editor of the local paper being arrested for drunk driving when that happened a while ago? That’s just one story never reported. Glad this site lets us all know what’s really going on in town keep up the good work.

  5. Give him his passport, drive him across the border and let trump handle it. 🙊🙊 joke. But really just get him out and back to Mexico. See how he handles himself with the real gangsters. 😉

  6. JP with zero experience making serious decisions that now endanger society.

    Go back to your old city job Anna . Appointed based on ethnicity not qualifications

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