Mischief and Mayhem at Algoma and John


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A man from Aroland First Nation was in Thunder Bay recently and is alleged to have went on a mischief spree in the city’s north side on July 9th.


The Shoppers Drug Mart β€œWellwise” location was hit with graffiti on the outside of the building which faces John Street. Further, a garage and fence across John Street was also spray painted.

The β€œSand β€˜N Sea” location on Algoma was also vandalized with graffiti at the rear of the building along with a window being broken at the Algoma Family Dental located beide Sand β€˜N Sea.

Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail courtroom this morning via video from the Thunder Bay Police Service Station is 26-year-old Sidney Megan. Presiding over this mornings proceedings was Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesic.

Megan is facing 4 counts of mischief. He also has an outstanding charge still working it’s way through the justice system stemming from an impaired charge which was laid on February 21st, 2019.


The Crown states that they are concerned about releasing Megan based on the secondary grounds. Secondary grounds indicates that the crown is concerned that the accused may re-offend or possibly become a public safety concern. Although they are ready to recommend release.

The Crown asks for the following conditions for Megan’s release:

  • Not to attend the 4 locations that he is alleged to have vandalized.
  • Not to be within 50 metres of the 4 locations.
  • Not to possess or buy spray paint.
  • Reside at the address he provided in Aroland First Nation.

Duty counsel asks on behalf of Megan if the matter could return to a Geraldton courtroom, as that is the closest courthouse to his residence. The request is granted, but Megan is informed that should the matter goto trial, he will be required to return to the Thunder Bay Courthouse.

Megan is released and is scheduled to return court on August 15th in Geraldton.

Anyone with photos of Sidney Megan are asked to contact us with them.


5 Replies to “Mischief and Mayhem at Algoma and John”

  1. They are concerned he may reoffend and maybe be a public safety concern!! They why in the hell do they recommend him to be released on bail. How asinine are the prosecutors in a Tbay. Hope he comes back to Tbay and pays the prosecutor’s house a visit.

    1. Released on bail and to return back to reserve he will jot be doung anything in Thunder Bay that way.

  2. Why is he not given a paint brush and paint and be made to repaint the entire wall he vandalized. Of course he should have to buy his own supplies same goes for the window he smashed . These creeps get off way to easy no wander they keep reoffending!

  3. So somebody has to clean up his dirty work? He should have been remanded into custody and then under police escort, go back and start cleaning up his crime spree.

  4. Is it gang related… this graffiti look more like *tags*. If anyone knows what that is. Or is it just this dude vandalizing for no apparent messages to be s3nt?

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