IMAGINE…..Your city has a crime rate spiralling out of control. And having competent police management during this critical period is absolutely essential.

IMAGINE……The police force of that city has professional rank and file police officers dedicated to protecting and serving the public. They are well trained and use their training for the good of the city.

IMAGINE…..The police force has a Director of Communications who was never a police officer and covers up the reality of occurrences as much as he can with the help of a local TV station that used to employ him to sell ads.

IMAGINE…..Upper management that really can’t manage. They can’t admit when mistakes are made even though they receive training to avoid those mistakes.


IMAGINE…..The police station is virtually disabled. Phone lines, power and internet all shut down. The station has to go to back up generator power supply.

IMAGINE…..The Director of Communications at the Police Service calling it a cyber attack.

IMAGINE…..His buddies at the TV station publicize whatever he tells them to without question. They are a crappy news organization with a huge laziness factor.

IMAGINE…..The real source of the cyber attack is self inflicted by someone at the level of Deputy Chief.

IMAGINE…..That person opened an email from an unknown source then proceeded to open the attachment in the email which turned out to be a Trojan Horse.

IMAGINE…..The chaos this caused on the network at the police station causing them to shut down power, communications and technology.


IMAGINE…..The Director of Communications and Technology not telling the whole truth about what unfolded at the station.

IMAGINE…..There are no repercussions or discipline for the person who opened that Trojan Horse despite the fact that he received training to not open such attachments.

IMAGINE…..If any rank and file police officer had committed such an egregious error, they would have been disciplined hard and fast by the Chief.

IMAGINE…..a Police Chief who remains silent and a Director of Communications and Technology who doesn’t really like communicating.

*********JUST IMAGINE***********


3 Replies to “More about that “Cyber Security Threat” Earlier.”

  1. Imagine – Great song by John Lennon.
    In saying that, the higher Echelons will ALWAYS protect their own. We’re just the Sheeple – like the front line officers.
    THIS is today’s society. Get used to it – unfortunately.

    1. Bubba, you have very daft view of the world don’t you? I mean some of your comments are legit. However, most of them you make on this site shows how absolutely uneducated you are on topics. I get that it’s your opinion, and thank god you use a pseudonym, because I for one would not want people to know how absolutely stupid I am either. Keep doing you though….

    2. Jamie, speaking of stupid, “keep doing you though”.

      Everyone has a right to their opinion – you included. What makes you think you’re right and I’m wrong? Are you that proud of yourself?

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