OVERDOSE: Opiates and Narcan Shots on Finlayson


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Another overdose has been reported to our news complex today, this time the south end has been rocked, foiled and smoked out.


Reporrts hit us about city police, firefighters and paramedics swarming the 200 block of Finlayson this evening in response to an apparent opiate overdose.

The victim was revived with Narcan blasts and was quickly transported to the Hilton Hospital (Emergency Department) where they will recover from their situation under the watchful eye of our hardworking Emergency Department staff.

Finlayson is known for housing numerous โ€œtrap housesโ€. A โ€œtrap houseโ€ is a residence in which drugs are being sold out of.

Narcan, also known as Naloxone, is a drug that can temporarily reverse an opiate overdose long enough for medical professionals to arrive. It is free and available at almost any pharmacy.


Thinking about sobering up? Sick of being narcanned? Reach out to the great people at the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre and ask them how to begin the journey of recovery at 807-684-1880.


5 Replies to “OVERDOSE: Opiates and Narcan Shots on Finlayson”

  1. This is getting totally ridiculous. These drudges get free methadone if needed and free narcan yet epipens cost a fortune. Think some of these people live by the motto โ€œ a shot of narcan a day keeps Dr Death away. โ€œ. Tbay will NEVER get rid of their drug problem as narcan is manufactured. Why quit , slim chance of dying.

    1. Ignorance. Schools should be teaching about addiction and the cycles of addiction and maybe people would stop having these dumb attitudes about it. Be mad at the dealers not the addicts.

    2. Narcan became free to drug abusers in 2016 while the slimy Liberals were still destroying the province. I wouldn’t doubt that somebody in the provincial Liberal govt may have had a lot of shares in one or more of the producers of Narcan/Naxalone. Would be interesting to see how the producer’s stock moved once Wynne and cronies decided to make Narcan free.

      Read this interesting article about Narcan/Naxalone in the US. Since being made as an over the counter drug, it’s costs have soared from $1.00 a decade ago to over $20.00 USD when supplied to first responders. “A naloxone auto-injector called Evzio at a considerably higher price of about $700-$800 USD per dose.” What do you thing the Ontario govt (read tax payers) are paying? Rest assured someone is raking off big time in this deal.


      Also, look into the “Good Samaritan” law, which gives druggers a lot of slack. No wonder druggers are going for it in such a big way. Free antidotes and no punishment. What’s to deter them? This is no way to deal with this crisis. It’s more than likely growing it.

      Go online and check out this link:

  2. Narcan and the people that provide it are enabling druggers. It’s that simple.

    They’re not solving the problem. They’re growing it. Dumbest move ever by authorities to put Narcan on the streets for free. Welfare and Narcan cost us billions for what? Keeping non-productive, resource sapping, parasites and criminals of all kinds alive. What a waste…..

    Someone in the Liberal govt probably has a lot of shares in the company that makes the stuff. If they do, rest assured their stocks went through the roof once the govt decided to distribute Narcan at no cost to the end user, but plenty of cost to us tax payers. Investigative journalism should look into this.

    1. You need to take some college classes my man, and learn about the science of addiction and the policies behind welfare. I hope youโ€™re retired, seeing the amount of time youโ€™re on here commenting at length on just about every post on this site.

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