(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ The Port Arthur Health Centre strike has been going on for close to 4 months now, with no end in sight.


Unifor says that the healthcare facility has turned down offers to meet at the bargaining table.

Below is a statement made by Unifor National President Jerry Dias.

โ€œTo the patients of the Port Arthur Health Centre in Thunder Bay: Please consider alternate health care providers starting Wednesday as service will be disrupted. Union activists supporting 65 striking women will stand up to these doctors who refuse to negotiate. See you in Thunder Bay Wednesday 7 am!โ€

Below is a video interview TRCCTB.COM did with Dias and local social activist Lori Paras when he was in town during the โ€œLongest Picket Lineโ€ event.



We will be live on location, keeping everyone up to date on whatโ€™s happening.

If you have any idea whatโ€™s happening Wednesday morning, please email us at



  1. what will happen on Wednesday is these women will solidify their place in the ever growing unemployment stats of Thunder Bay

    Unifor kills jobs.

    1. It isnโ€™t Unifor that kills jobs. It is the doctors that refuse to bargain that are causing the problem. You are sounding like a union busting Consevative.

    2. There is nothing for these people to “bargain” with, or for.

      The job is there, It pays $X.XX/hr. If you want the job, then do it. If it doesn’t pay enough and you don’t want the job, then bye-bye.

      Its really simple. Even a whining NDPer should be able to learn that… eventually.

  2. I understand why these people are on strike and give my support but they also need to realize some people have no choice but to go there and see there family doctors so stop being rude to patients trying to come in, I would go elsewhere if they would fill my prescriptions but they won’t. I’m tired of being blocked when trying to enter or leave the parking lot.
    Pissing off the patients is not the way to get our support!!!

    1. Crossing a Pickett line is neither a way to show support.
      Ultimately, these hard working women are going to do what they need to do to be recognized and shown respect from their employer.
      Allowing people to cross a Pickett line in the first place is generally never heard of, so be grateful you even got across up until now.
      I have a feeling that is all going to change come tomorrow.
      So PLEASE do yourself a favor and contact Janzens or Shoppers or your other preferred and arrange to have your script transferred for pick up there.

      This goes for anyone else hoping to be allowed across the Pickett line.

      Drastic measures, for an equally drastic situation – which will be a disruption to the citizens hoping to get prescriptions filled, via crossing the line.
      As I said, do yourself a huge favor ASAP.
      Dont wait till tomorrow after you get denied access to the building.
      DO IT TODAY!

    2. Walter, you’re an idiot. Go back to school and get an education before sh!tposting your garbage opinion. Overpaid doctors and underpaid support staff. People have to fight for fair wages. If you know where higher paying jobs are in that industry by all means post it. Don’t just tell people to get better jobs…there aren’t any…people have to fight for better wages. If you ever need anything or feel jilted by something…please post it so people can tell you where to go…b***h!

    3. pinkman.. I love your comment! The hypocrisy in it is EPIC!! You tell me to go get an education, which is exactly what you should be saying to these “women” employees. They are the ones that need the education so they can find a career that pays more. That way they will have more marketable skills to seek employment with. Gee, what a coincidence….. that’s exactly what the doctors did!!! They went to school so they could earn a higher than entry level pay scale. Too bad the “employees” didn’t and now they have nothing. Not only that but they decided to throw and organized tantrum which as you can see netted them absolutely nothing.

      People do have to fight for better pay, but you have to fight yourself and go get marketable job skills, throwing a hissy fit like unifor has done is not fighting at all, its crying, whining, begging, etc… You also asked me to post the higher paying jobs in that field, well unless youre completely stupid (remains to be seen?) you answered your own question. That field is health care and go become a nurse or a doctor. Answering phones and making appointments while you refuse to talk to patients waiting in line until the clock strikes precisely 9AM is not worthy of any high rate of pay. Not to mention the clinic is doing fine without these people.

      So instead of calling me names, why don’t you look a little closer at your comment and enjoy the hypocrisy. The rest of us already are.

  3. picking up perscriptions is not a problem, its haveing to see a familly doctor to be perscribed certain medications that noone but familly doctor can perscribe (considered narcotic) so therefore have no choice but to go there to see the family doctor.
    someones going to end up getting hurt if they block traffic, this town is full of crazzies..

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