(PHOTOS) East End Tunnel Gets Vandalized Yet Again


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Less than two weeks after a bed sheet was hung over a bridge that spans the McIntyre floodway asking police to stop throwing people in the river, the same message has appeared in the community.


This time the message was spray painted in the tunnel which connects Simpson Street to McTavish Street, the notorious East End Tunnel. The words were accompanied by numerous other graffiti and messages.

I’m going to post photos I took this evening with my thoughts and interpretations typed out below them. Feel free to add your two cents in the comments.

Upon entry to the tunnel from the McTavish Street entrance, the vandalism pictured above is apparent but seemingly mild. Other than the garbage on the ground, the paint on the walls doesn’t seem to be a bother.

I’m not entirely sure what or who “Big D” is, but it’s on this wall, along with a beautiful design with what appears to be possibly 4 letters? I can’t make it out. Perhaps someone reading knows what these mean and can clarify in the comments.


So here we have a flower to the right and to the left a diamond with possibly a jet fighter inside it? It’s not offensive what so ever, but perhaps practice somewhere less public before attempting to showcase your skills.

More flowers, it also appears someone marked up something someone else wrote. I wouldn’t mind if these flowers stayed up, would you?

Here’s where it gets stupid. The call for “tbay police” to “stop throwing people in the river”. This is super annoying because our hard-working police are constantly saving the lives of those who choose to drink next to the river until the point they somehow end up super drunk and drowning. Officers rush into the water and pull these people out. How about the message should be “Stop getting loser drunk next to the river so police don’t have to save your drunk ass”.

This is not isolated to any one ethnicity, all the idiots of every background need to stop getting drunk by rivers and falling in. stick to flat ground not around water.

The above message is a good message that I can stand by. But it’s very plain and not artistic. Next time perhaps a more fancy approach and someone with more skill?

Missing and murdered indigenous people definitely matter. Let’s stop the division some people would love to push and work together to keep each other safe. If you or someone you know has information about a missing or murdered person, please reach out to police and help the family find closure.


So now we got a red arrow or perhaps a red tree to the left. Centre is “Alienz Are Real.”, which is interesting. Aliens are either real, which is kind of scary, or there is no such thing as aliens, meaning we are the only life forms in the universe, also, scary.

To the right is says something about some “Bill” character with the date “2020/02/02”. What we got going on February 2/2020? Perhaps the end of the world? Can’t wait!

Spread your legs? Spread your love? Spread your legs, love? It’s a positive post with love embedded in it, I’m all for it.

Ya this is just some random sh*t I don’t really need to explain.

Graffiti isn’t bad, but your graffiti is. Get some skills so you don’t suck so hard. Shit looks worse than a kids writing.

Close up of the “Bill” tag along with some random crap that could all be wiped out for all I care.


Nate is offering $10 for toilet paper. This request was made in 2019. Wherever you are Nate, I have crohn’s disease and I hit the John for a number 2 about 6+ times a day. I feel your pain, brother.

The traditional prescription pill container laying in the wild. Name, always scratched off. At least I didn’t see any used needles lying around, which is always nice.

Tampon applicator, for easier insertion. Pop a squat and get it done when you need to ladies, no shame required.

Our final photo showcases some nasty, stinky male underwear. There was no other clothes laying around the area. I’m sure there is a good story as to how this pair of undies ended up down here. Speculate in the comments.

Before anyone loses their panties or pill bottles because I did not clean up this garbage. I had no gloves or anything to keep myself safe from god knows what is on this shit.

Aldo Ruberto has posted publicly that he has contacted dispatch and the tunnel should be cleaned out in a few days. Can the nicer graffiti stay tho? Perhaps?


(Me asking people to get better at their graffiti before doing it in public places was mostly satire, please don’t spray paint anything without the owners permission!). And PLEASE, no one try to come in and paint over the graffiti to wipe it out.



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  1. This graffiti thing is so old if they want to paint something put up a nice painting not the crap they are writing that is just plain stupid. If you have nothing better to do and are some kind of artist go see some of the people who own some of the buildings that could use a nice mural or something good not the disgusting things that you are writing on the walls of the subway it is just plain offensive we do not live in the Bronx like in the big American cities where they do this for a pass time be nice about what you write and quit harassing the TBPS for doing the opposite of what you say. All they do is try to save your life if you fall into the river in a drunken stupor and are not notified in time to get there to pull you out. How about the people that fall into the Kam River that has been happening for years if you cannot drink responsibly then don’t drink at all it is you yourself that is putting your own life in danger not the police or any other person. But then again I guess it is much easier to put the blame on the police for their own stupidity and go and get themselves drowned. So stop the graffiti and put up something that is proper or do not put anything up at all.
    Just my opinion that is all!!!!!

  2. enough of the BS! Fill this hole, seal it and let the knuckle draggers walk all the way around! Can’t play nice, take away the toys. STOP wasting tax money Ruberto on a dead zone.

  3. Hello .. my names Jay …aka – Wick and I’m a “legal graffiti artist” here in Thunder Bay. Fist I’d like to say something about the history of graffiti. Graffiti had been around since before the pyramids were built and has been forever used to do one thing .. send a message. In the 70’s it became a popular form of tagging. Tagging is the writing of a name and street or area you live in. The more you tag the more your name is know. Over the years graffiti has grown into huge murals and beautiful colors. Tagging is still done everywhere and although its illegal but it will never disappear. Tags are quick to do and often done in public areas. Murals take time and a lot of money therefore they are mostly commissioned pieces.
    On to this issue in the east end underpass…. I see tags, I see messages, and I see art .. this is all graffiti in different forms. The message is obviously disturbing because of past events in this city. I’m a supporter of all graffiti as it’s a way of lif for me. I do not however support profanity and disturbing messages. This needs to be removed before children see it and believe it. It’s not true unless proven.
    It would be awesome to see nice graffiti in that underpass but it wouldn’t last a week before someone would destroy it. Are there cameras in this underpass? If there are then I would volunteer painting something nice down there.
    My problem with being a graffiti artist is having a place to go paint. I’m not aloud to join the thunder bay group (which I will not name) because I’m too old (only accept 11-30 year olds) its pathetic in my opinion. Putting a age limit on a artist is ridiculous. Anyhow. I’m limited to painting on canvas or waiting for a commission job to to .. and when I do I always do it for the cost of paint never my time. Doing graffiti is a passion of mine and extremely difficult to do legally here in Thunder Bay. Ibe spend thousands of dollars painting the same sheet if plywood in my back yard because I like it so much.
    I’ve painted the free wall behind Ski Haus a few time only to have it covered in days with something silly. Now I know that’s what it’s all about but with the real artists like me we like to pay respect to the price we cover up. Take some pics and post on social media or leave a tag with the previous artists name on your new piece.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is graffiti will never disappear. It will always be covered up with new graffiti. I just wish this city could respect graffiti and its history. Keep the good and paint over the offensive. Thunder bay has some amazing street artists that if given the chance would bring joy to everyone with their art.
    I’ll be painting again soon behind the ski Haus in Hope’s it will last longer than a week. It costs me $200+ each time I go out and paint and sometimes it’s a waste but the joy for me is more important than money. Cheers!
    My apologies if I went off track to your story.
    Check out my Instagram if you’d like to see my art and style. @wick1974 I have stickers and postcards if anyone is interested as well.
    Thanks for your time and be sure to keep a eye on the ski haus for my name “Wick” ♡

  4. I agree with the stop throwing people in the river. That’s considered littering. You don’t throw garbage in to our rivers. Let’s keep our waterways pristine.

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