Pikangikum Evacuee Arrested, Woman Sent to Hospital


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ With the recent influx of Pikangikum First Nation forest fire evacuees have come a natural and expected strain on emergency services including police and paramedics. Today, the City of Thunder Bay has announced they will not be taking in anymore evacuees due to this strain among other issues.


This morning in a Thunder Bay bail court, we saw a 41-year-old Peter Steven Quill appear for his first appearance after being arrested last night by the Thunder Bay Police Service. Quill appeared via video from Hotel Balmoral (TBPS Station). Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was presiding along with Crown Attorney Mason. Andrew Desmoulin was present as a duty counsel lawyer.

Allegations are that Quill, who is a forest fire evacuee from Pikangikum, got into a verbal argument with a woman after consuming alcohol. He then proceeded to punch the woman numerous times in the face, causing damage to her nose and other areas. The woman lost consciousness and was brought to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centreโ€™s Emergency Department to receive medical attention. This incident happened at the Airlane Motor Motel.

Quill has been charged with assault under the criminal code of Canada.

The Crown Attorney states that this is a โ€œCrown onusโ€ situation, which means that the Crown would have to show to the court why Quill should be detained, as opposed to Quill showing the courts why he should be released. Further, the Crown states that there are some concerns surrounding the secondary grounds, should Quill be released. Secondary grounds indicates that the Crown is either concerned with Quill reoffending and/or becoming a public safety concern.


Quill has a previous assault on his criminal record dating back to 2017 and a breach of his bail conditions dated in 2018.

Duty counsel states that Quill had contacted local defence lawyer Karen Scullion after he was arrested and asks Quill if he would like to speak with her, as she is present in court. Quill accepts this offer and speaks with Scullion in private.

After the private discussion takes place between Quill and criminal defence lawyer Karen Scullion, some private discussions occur between Scullion and Crown Attorney Mason.

Court Resumes and the Crown tells the courts that Quill is a firefighter in Pikangikum and may be returning to the First Nation to fight the fires that are ongoing there. I was shocked to hear this, as Quill appears on video to be a man of small physical size, both in girth and height. Most firefighters Iโ€™ve met are rather muscular and much larger in size. But none the less, The Crown is willing to consent to Quillโ€™s release on the following conditions:

  • $400 non-deposit recognizance.
  • Notify TBPS of his address within 24 hours of being released from custody.
  • Notify TBPS of any change to his address within 24 hours.
  • Not attend the Airlane Motor Motel located on Arthur Street.
  • Not attend within 100 meters of the Airlane Motor Motel.
  • Not to contact his alleged victim.
  • Not to be within 100 meters of his alleged victim.
  • Not to be out of his home with alcohol in his body. (meaning he can drink alcohol at home)
  • Not to possess any weapons.

Scullion agrees to these conditions on behalf of Quill and the Justice of the Peace grants the release.

Quill is scheduled to return to the Thunder Bay Courthouse on August 9th to begin the process of answering to the charges. He is escorted back into his cell at Hotel Balmoral where he will wait for the paperwork to be done before he is released back into the public.


5 Replies to “Pikangikum Evacuee Arrested, Woman Sent to Hospital”

  1. The segment of our society that never has to accept responsibility for their actions.

    Whiteman’s firewater is responsible. Gladue! Gladue!

  2. Let the fun begin. Feel sorry for the TBPS and Paramedics. They should all get extra pay when evacuees are in town. Paid for by money the government gives the reserves. The men should be staying on the reserve working as fire fighters to help save their community.

  3. Drove past the Canadian Tire parking lot across from the LCBO and witnessed a fine contributing member of society, passed out on the grassy spot across from EB.
    Couldnโ€™t of been bothered to stop and see if he was okay.

    Purchased a night vision scope today and drove past the same spot.
    No body laying there.
    So thatโ€™s good.

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