Police Make Another Massive Drugs, Guns and Gang Bust –


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Members of the  Thunder Bay Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, Nishnawbe Aski Police and Anishnabek Police have executed numerous search warrants.


Gangs have been sending dangerous fentanyl and guns to Thunder Bay for some time now, and police have been chipping at them ever since.

Yesterday police swarmed numerous residences in town including the “boiler room” along with a building on Syndicate, a home on Southern Abe and another home of a single mother that we are working to confirm.

“Project Disruption” had numerous other residences across Thunder Bay and region searched netting 80 suspected and confirmed gang members being arrested over the past 6 months. 431 charges have been laid.

”Project Disruption” yielded 13 firearms, $755,000 in cash and various drugs being taken off the streets over the past 6 months.. As well as:

  • 2.8 kilograms of cocaine.
  • 927.58 grams of crack cocaine.
  • 1.06 kilograms of fentanyl.
  • 82 hydromorphone pills.
  • 50.48 grams of methamphetamine.
  • 2,728 Oxycodone pills.

The Thunder Bay Police Service Station A.K.A. “Hotel Balmoral” is bristling with activity as the gang members make their video appearances in bail court this morning.

The Thunder Bay District Jail A.K.A. “The Algoma Bed and Breakfast” is already over populated but three will make sure to squeeze more room in for the new additions.

More details will be added soon.

Stay tuned.


22 Replies to “Police Make Another Massive Drugs, Guns and Gang Bust –”

  1. great job!!
    who told these assholes it would be a good idea to go cross canada killing people with heroin fentanyl and crystal meth.

  2. Man three-quarters of a million dollars seized!

    That money should go right into addictions and mental health services in the Thunder Bay.

    1. I agree…all of the money that is seized from any of the drug busts should be put to opening more addiction centres…..like rehab and detox.

    2. Maybe some of it should go to the TBPS to help pay for overtime and call ins to do these kinds of programs and to cover when police are sitting at the hospital with these addicts and those with mental issues. If you try to force them into rehab or detox it isn’t going to work. They have to want to. Police have to keep on top of these dealers till they realize Tbay is not the place for them. This all takes money and you all bitch when they are over budget. Drugs and alcohol cause this so the seized money should pay for the enforcement.

  3. f**k that anyone dealing hard drugs, and being gang members should get the death penalty!!!
    so sick of these scumbags… make them disapear!!!

  4. Awesome this made me happy today seeing this 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. wow Great job on all officers that did this great bust.hats off to you all & big thank-yous. now lets hope the court system will work on keeping these dorks behind bars..

  6. Excellent job and Thank you to all the forces involved. That is a lot of Panty Waste off the streets for now. These useless Turds need to be locked up. I doubt the Judicial system will do it but at least they are out money and drugs for now. Hopefully one of these Low Life Scumbags will give up on some more Turds. With all the overdoses going on they should all be charged with murder and we need to bring back the death penalty. These people are a waste of oxygen. Their Mama’s must be so proud.

  7. nice to see the police crack down on out-of-town drug dealers but what about the homegrown dealers that are trafficking drugs through the nightclub?

    1. K 500000 people could die and why aren’t these scumbags being charged with murder and attempted murder?

  8. Congrats to all police involved. This is great news! Good to see these death dealing dope dealer snakes being squeezed.

    Money confiscated during these raids shouldn’t go toward detox. That’s pretty much throwing it out the window. The success rate of detox is abysmal.

    The best use of confiscated funds would be to put them toward more police and the gear they need to do their jobs. If they were given the money directly, that would give them great incentive to nail even more of these b@stards.

    Maybe save a few bucks for a fund to pay off some gutless judges to keep these creeps in jail…….

  9. stack them like cord wood in the Jail and throw away the key , screw their rights drug dealing scum .

  10. Outstanding work by TBPS, OPP, NAPS & APS! Please Pino, if you can; list the names of the people charged! Nothing like a little public shaming!

  11. Money confiscated should go to the hard working first responders in the city, ( Police, Ambulance, Fire ) and anyone else who may be risking their lives everyday. I am sure a paid vacation is in order.

  12. Kudos to the TBPS – I can only imagine the amount of ground work needed to get these results.

    And perhaps they could use some of the money towards renovating/retro-fitting a wing of the LPH to house more of the non-violent prisoners, making room for the major a$$h0les in the DJ… maybe then the judges would be able stop releasing so many of those that should be jailed.

  13. Anyone notice that when there’s positive news about crime, it’s posted on every news source in the city, yet 90% of the negative news doesn’t get a mention other than here at TRCCTB? That’s why this site is so valuable.
    By the way, does anyone know why the Chronicle Journal shut down it’s comments sections a few months ago? Were “important” city people leaning on them to shut down the comments because too many of them were exposing the true reality of what’s going on, but were considered inflammatory or shedding unfavourable light on the city?

    Seems that all “mainstream” news in the city has been gagged when it comes to public comments. TBNewswatch and CBC still have comments as long as their content suppresses reality and is what “important” people permit them to post. Certainly not hard hitting news or commentary with such easily intimidated journalists. If you want to call them that.

    All the more reason to support and encourage Pino and staff to keep shining the light into the dark recesses of this town.

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