(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Thunder Bay Police Service has a significant presence on Gore Street, between Yonge and Heath early this evening.


The section of Gore between Yonge and Heath has been closed off, and the Thunder Bay Police Service forensics van is on the scene.

A REAL Concerned Citizen on location had told TRCCTB that they heard a woman was assaulted on Gore by some men with a large knife, possibly a MACHETE. Furthermore, we have heard that the incident revolved around drugs.

Our source tells us that the woman was missing at least one finger, and the other ones were hanging on by โ€œshredsโ€ on her left hand, she was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and is presumed to be all right now.

Thunder Bay Police Service officers were seen taking pictures ofย the ground, possibly blood stains.



Correction: An earlier version of this story cited a civilian who said that a collision occuredย between a vehicle and pedestrian. They have later told us that they were not sure and were only guessing. We have since gathered more reliable information which this article now contains. No collision had occured, only a violent aggravated assult.



    1. Hopefully the victim can point out the perpetrators to police.

      and hopefully they grab them and they cut out this terrible, disgusting and inhuman behaviour. These people are bleeding society dry with their legal BS excuses for their behaviour.

  1. any updates on this yet? very interested in whats going on as i work and live in the area…

    1. What I know is it did happen. and I have been told the victim is not co-operating with police what-so-ever. The victim and the attacker are known to each other, and sources have indicated that this was over drugs, possibly theft of or owing money over.

  2. thanks pino,

    figured it was over drugs, people are messed up and this town is going to s**t!!
    ever seen those purge movies? hint hint!!
    figured i nwould say im obviously jokeing, dont want people to take me wrong about the purge thing lol

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