More Possible Fraud Charges to be Served up to the Thunder Bay Dining Lady




in Superior Civil Courtroom 205 this morning Thursday January 3,2019 is a motion involving one of Thunder Bayโ€™s most notorious fraudsters KIM JANICE BLUNT AKA THUNDER BAY DINING LADY AKA KIM BERLY.

Justice F. Bruce Fitzpatrick is presiding. BLUNT arrives late for the 10am court hearing exactly 10:08am wearing large clothing using a cane and wearing a hospital mask.

Her arrival is acknowledged, as the lawyer for the Thunder Bay Social Services Board tells the court that BLUNT is entering the courtroom. She quickly tells the court โ€œMy name is BERLY, not BLUNTโ€.

The Social Services Board is requesting that BLUNT be ordered to attend an examination at the law office of Weiler, Maloney & Nelson on William Street.


BLUNT did NOT ATTEND her previously scheduled hearing. BLUNT states it was because she had a heart attack. The new date requested is January 11,2019 but BLUNT quickly informs the court that she is unable to attend on that date.



Inside Edition sources indicate that BLUNT has a Caribbean cruise booked this month. Her flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica departs from Toronto on January 15, 2019, then the 7 day cruise begins.

Both parties agree to February 14,2019 at 10am for the examination.


Inside Edition has learned that the examination will be related to her finances and her efforts not to pay her massive welfare fraud restitution order which is now more than 15 years old. They are also interested in examining her for potential fraud with the recent building of a new home and efforts to change ownership of the home on Wentworth Crescent in County Park despite the fact there is a lien on the home by the Social Services Board.


BLUNT was sentenced to 18 months jail in 2004 for her massive welfare fraud of Thunder Bay taxpayers. She served only 12 months in jail. She was also ordered to repay all the money she fraudulently received.

Itโ€™s been almost 15 years and she has repaid ZERO dollars.

She currently owes in excess of 250 000$ of restitution.

BLUNT started a Facebook group to document her gluttonous lifestyle. She has thousands of avid followers who refer to themselves as โ€œKimionsโ€


There is no other local taxpayer subsidized news are present.


The Real Concerned Citizens are here along with the Inside Edition.



9 Replies to “More Possible Fraud Charges to be Served up to the Thunder Bay Dining Lady”

  1. She just loves rubbing it in our taxpayer faces.
    Hopefully, justice will be served, to the “dining lady”

    1. I know many people on welfare that can’t afford to eat much less own a vehicle. This woman is disgusting and does not represent everyone on o.w. Yes she is abusing taxpayers dollars and I agree with you but how the he’ll did Ontario Works let this go on.

  2. Shitting on our tax paying dollars. I hope they grill her good. Donโ€™t blame her kids for being the oddballs they are, I canโ€™t imagine how f****d I would be by her upbringing. Hope KARMA bites her in the a** for these shenanigans. Hope a PI is hired and follows her on this cruise to prove what a fraud she is.

  3. So…sheโ€™s paid no restitution of the 1/4 of a million dollars she owes, missed appearances of scheduled court issued dates due to health reasons and now has the courts feeling sorry for her as they donโ€™t want to interrupt he precious vacation time? What the hell is going on here? Smells like corruption. Should the court not be looking at the factors involved here? This woman has multiple names and the courts are going to allow her to go on a cruise to Jamaica where she may never return from? Maybe this is what they expect her to do so that they can issue a world wide arrest warrant and spend half million on getting her back to Canada. Theyโ€™ll just ask her to pay restitution to that amount as well? Does she file taxes or receive tax returns? Somebody help me understand what is happening here. I thought that if you donโ€™t pay restitution, you go to jail not go on a cruise. And to the cruise line taking her aboard…perhaps reconsider the โ€˜all you can eatโ€™ buffet!!!

  4. Poor lady.
    The Thunder Bay weather is atrocious for her arthritis.
    Thank goodness sheโ€™s taking a nice warm vacation.
    Donโ€™t worry Mrs Blunt, enjoy your trip. The tax payers will still be waiting when you get back.
    Hopefully you donโ€™t fall over board.
    That would be a shame.

  5. The whole system is very corrupt no matter where u are living. But this lady is making excuses not to go to court making medial reasins nit to attend. Lady get over with so that u can go on with your life. Everyone makes mistakes but all mistake don’t abite in the human mind forever . People forget as the years go by. Show responsibility for your action ND not run away girl. Life is short fix it ND you will be ok.

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