(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ A frightening situation unfolded in Thunder Bay just over a week ago, we have the exclusive story for you below.


Sources have told us the following.

A pregnant woman was out with a male camping together, when the male became suddenly angered and refused to allow the woman to leave. The male blocked the door to the trailer, unplugged the internet hotspot, and took her cell phone.

The male is a very tall, and muscular man, while the woman is a smaller woman, and 17 weeks pregnant.

At some point, after many hours of being forcibly confined, the male went out to his truck. The woman locked the trailer and managed to access a laptop that was in the trailer, and pulled a wifi signal from a nearby wifi.


The woman messaged a person over Facebook, requesting help โ€œright awayโ€, but there was no response. The male regained access to the trailer and seen her messaging someone on โ€œfacebook asking for help, he instantly became enraged.

He then grabbed the woman and squeezed her in a bear hug type hold, and began shaking her violently. The woman was holding her dog.

She managed to escape his grasp and bolted for the door. She made it to her car by running as quickly as she could. Once arriving at her vehicle, she quickly slammed the door shut and locked it.

When she tried to leave, he had already pulled his truck in to block her from backing up. He quickly backed up and allowed her to leave.

As she was driving out of the property, the male had driven at a high rate of speed and swerved in front of the womanโ€™s car, cutting off her path. The woman tried to stop in time, but it resulted in the vehicles colliding.

The male exited his truck and started yelling in a highly aggressive manner at the woman, shouting about the damage to his truck. โ€œLOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY F***ING TRUCKโ€.


The womanโ€™s front end was heavily damaged, and all the airbags went off, meanwhile, the maleโ€™s truck only sustained a small dent. The driverโ€™s side door of the womanโ€™s car would not open when she tried to exit the car, then the male managed to open the rear passenger door of her vehicle.

The male grabbed the woman and dragged her out of the car,ย it is at this point that he began to punch her in the head about 20 times. Blood began to run down her face and in her hair. Her face would later swell up with a huge black eye.

The woman attempted to make a break for it down the road and desperately crying โ€œIโ€™m not getting in your truckโ€ repeatedly. The male responded with โ€œitโ€™s the f***ing middle of the night, there are f*****g bears out here, nobody is going to come and get you, what the f**k are you going to do?โ€.

At this point, he had forced her back into the truck and brought her back to the trailer, where she was yet again locked in by him.

The male removed the laptop and threatened to smash it. He then started complaining that she had messaged someone for help, and he asked of her โ€œDo you think I want to go to f*****g jail? Do you think I want to spend thousands of f*****g dollars in lawyers bills?โ€

She cried in terror โ€œNO NO NO NO I just wanted someone to help me!โ€


At this point the male responded with โ€œget in the f****n truck, Iโ€™ll take you to your f*****g grandmaโ€™s houseโ€

Once the woman got in the truck, and they were travelling down the highway, the male said โ€œYou think Iโ€™m taking you to your f*****g grandmaโ€™s house? Iโ€™m taking you out into the f*****g bush. You messaged a f*****g cop! You think I want to go to F*****G JAIL?!?!? Iโ€™M GOING TO F*****G KILL YOUโ€

The male began punching the woman in the face repeatedly, over and over at least 7 times before she managed to move from the front seat into the back. The male continued to punch her from the front seat to the back, while he was driving down the highway, swerving all over the road.

The woman ducked down on the floor, and the male started to throw elbows into her head and back, as she was curled up, attempting to keep her unborn baby safe.

After numerous blows to the head and back, the woman managed to sit up in her seat and rolled the window down. She could not open the door as the child locks were engaged.

She saw some people on the side of the road and she screamed out to them for help.


At this point, the male panicked after noticing these people on the side of the road seeing what happened. The male promptly brought the woman to her grandmotherโ€™s house.

He went to the door and rang the doorbell, with his hands still covered in blood. He told her grandma he wanted to talk to her about something. The grandmother started yelling for the cops to be called.

The woman was rushed into her grandmotherโ€™s house, and the male sped off.

4 Thunder Bay Police Service cruisers and a Superior North EMS responded to the scene, and the woman was sent to the hospital. The baby is said to be in stable condition.

The male was on the run for about a week before police nabbed him. Police later located his truck, and her car hidden at a property owned by the maleโ€™s parents, the car was moved from the crash scene.

This story will be updated with more details at a later date. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, please let them know that there is a way out, and they can get help.


Call the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200 to report if you feel anyone is being physically abused.



  1. Please..oh please…tell us the males name.
    Letโ€™s strike some utter terror into his life by people just knowing who he is. Not inciting violence what so ever. But by people just know who he is and what he did, that will be enough to make the coward live in fear day in day out. This is called flipping the script.
    He tried to strike fear into the woman, let us incite fear into him.

  2. This is some of the reality of abuse … and how it actually goes on a day to day basis It is no longer just males dominently any longer though … many many females do this and get away with it because the laws seem to be ONE SIDED now. I lived this kind of thing many many years ago… and normally – the baby does not live to see the light. Sad but EXTREMELY true! It is NOT OKAY for ANYONE to be treated this way …. regardless of their sex!

  3. That’s a heck of a story. Like most I am inclined to believe it.

    However Ive seen up close 2 similar claims made by women that turned out not to be true and were complete fabrications made up to excuse their own drunken, drugged up irresponsible behaviour. I watched a good friend get put through the wringer by the police, the courts, faye Peterson house, and even the city of Thunder Bay got put on the hook for housing this tremendous liar. She made up all sorts of wild claims about what happened, and when those claims were slowly exposed as total lies she just made up new ones. The cycle repeated until she finally had been caught in her web of lies. In the meantime that guy was smeared on so many plains it was unfathomable.

    The friend accumulated over $30K in legal fees while BS organizations like Faye Peterson couldn’t pay her legal fees fast enough because they are desperate to justify their own existence.

    His personal life was assailed by so many that only ever heard one side of the story, choosing to jump to conclusions and be the typical social media White Knights we see above. In the end do you know who cared?

    Nobody. She was proven to be a fake on so many levels. Nobody did a damn thing. She just lived in her social housing taking from every bs support agency she could get. She still lives in a subsidized apartment spinning her lies to anyone who will listen to and jump on them. That’s the real tragedy there.

    In the meantime I am inclined to believe the story above, I mean, who doesn’t want to believe the big scary man did all this to the little frail pregnant woman. BUT until the details come out and we hear other sides of the story and proven in court I tend to side with the normal course of action and that is to let the accused have his day in court. Only then will I come to any conclusions on stories like these. Women who want to be believed at face value should only look to those other liars that made false claims for the exact reasons why I wont.

    1. thanks for proving my point Morgan.

      its people like you that assume things then come to ill founded conclusions that are the real abusers. In Canada we have due process before anyone is convicted of crimes. There are investigations because people cant come to conclusions without evidence and truth.

      You seem to be the exact type of person we all need to be aware of. Every mother’s son now is only one step away from complete grief, thousands of dollars in legal fees, and socially attacked because someone said something happened. That person is then forced to defend themselves and their reputation from people like you who cant cry out “WITCH” fast enough.

      We are supposed to have anti-bullying laws in Canada, and often the real bullies are the ones that pretend to have been bullied.

      Thanks again for helping me make my point Morgan!

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