(THUNDER BAY, ON) -Information has come across our newsdesk about a man hanging around ATMโ€™s, attempting to get people to cash a cheque for him.


This scam includes the person telling you their debit card is not working, and then they become pushy for you to deposit the cheque in your account.

At this point, the scammer will demand you pull the cash out and give it to them, if you were silly enough to deposit the cheque. Never ever deposit a cheque for anyone, ever.

The cheque is fraudulent, and the bank will make you pay for the missing amount.

The scammer has been known to follow people after being rejected, abductions attempt to intimidate and pressure people into depositing their cheque. Under no circumstances should you ever deposit anyoneโ€™s cheques or give anyone money.


Below is one womanโ€™s account of her encounter with one of the scammers:

โ€I was harassed by the atm guy Monday morning.

He dropped his bike right on the window, it made a loud smash. He came into scotia(red river) and said his bank card was broken and need to cash a cheque.

I said well it is your lucky day the bank is open, get a new card. He left of course.

An employee from the bank came out and asked if I was okay. Description.. Caucasian 25 to 30 in age, around 5โ€™5โ€ณ, around 150 lbs, dark blond, short hair, unshaven face,

he was riding a matt finish, olive colour, kona style bike. I donโ€™t think it was kona but looked like one.โ€


Please dial 911 and request police assistance if anyone becomes aggressive or attempts to intimidate you into depositing their cheque. Please share so others may become aware.



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