ROLLOVER: Dawson Road / Highway 102


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Details are few at this point regarding a pickup truck that ended up in the ditch along a notorious stretch of road.


As is tradition, for the Dawson Road / Highway 102 stretch, as soon as some snow flies, vehicles end up involved in collisions or rollovers, or both.

So far what we know is that a pickup truck ended up in the ditch of Dawson Road / Highway 102 near the intersection of Mapleward Road late this evening. We are not certain at this point if another vehicle was involved as there was only one vehicle at the incident but we do know it happened around 10:00 pm.

Police, fire and ambulance all responded to the situation. Luckily, nobody was injured. A residents garbage box was destroyed during the collision as the truck came barreling into the ditch, taking out the garbage box and flipping onto its roof. The resident who suffered the loss of the garbage box would like citizens to consider keeping their winter tires on a bit longer.

Tow trucks were on scene removing the truck from the ditch and hauling it off back to their yard. Great work was done by all first responders including the tow truck team. When you see first responders, including tow trucks, please move over, slow down, and give them room to work safely.


City council has pushed back the date for making a decision on whether to push cross-country tractor-trailer traffic off the road and onto the Trans-Canada Highway / Highway 11/17.

We will update this article as more information becomes available. If you have more information please reach out to us via email at


6 Replies to “ROLLOVER: Dawson Road / Highway 102”

  1. OH NO !!!! They better pass a By Law to keep 1/2 tons off Dawson Rd as well. You know those little bastards can kill people too.

  2. Time to ban pickup trucks from the 102. Every time it snows, they get into accidents! Maybe it’s time to change the speed limit on the 102 to 70 km/h. Drivers can’t seem to handle 90.

    1. chances are they were not going 90…anything else you would like to Ban because people dont use their brains when driving…

  3. I always go the speed limit on dawson rd. and drive according to the weather conditions,Its those Truckers On Dawson Road That ride Your ass and Cause Accidents..My Cousin Cheri Chambers Was In a Bad Bad accident. On That Highway Dec 31st Passing a semi In The Proper Passing Lane As I was Told a Transport Hit Black Ice And Slid Into her as she was In The Passing Lane..She Ended Up dieing Last June after all The surgeries Her body Coulden’t Fight anymore…so at any Giving Time I try Not To drive On Dawson Road Ever…

  4. Darren. Iโ€™m so sorry for your lost. I also have family who live on Dawson and take back roads to go to visit them. A car/truck and a transport mmm who is going to win if somethings happens. Doesnโ€™t take a scientist to figure that that one out.

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