(PEARL, ON) – A serious highway collision has shut down the highway north of Thunder Bay.


Shuniah Fire and Emergency Services reports that two vehicles were involved in the incident.

OPP report that the highway will be closed for a significant amount of time. Estimated time for the highway to reopen is roughly around 5:00 am, possibly longer or shorter.

The incident happened just before 7:00 pm today. OPP, Shuniah Fire and Emergency Services and Superior North EMS responded to the scene.

Typically when a highway is closed after a serious collision, it is most often fatal. Serious injuries are expected.


UPDATE: 8:05pm a resident in the area has told us that a transport rear ended a vehicle that was turning which sent that vehicle into oncoming traffic which then collided head on with a truck. Both vehicles are said to be under blankets at the moment. Fatalities are believed to have occurred.

We are working to uncover further details. Check back to see our updates.



2 Replies to “Serious Highway 11/17 Collision”

  1. I hope all are okay. I bet if you pull the cell phone records of the transport driver, he was texting!
    So many transport drivers have their heads buried in their laps, too busy texting rather than focusing on the road and their job.

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