(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The SilverCity location in Thunder Bay is hoping to have customers settle down with a few wobbly pops while they enjoy the movie of their choice.


That’s right, our movie theatre in town on May Street, beside the McIntyre river has decided to apply for a liqour license.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is currently reviewing the application. There was a deadline of November 11th for public input, but that has passed us.

It is not uncommon for movie theatres around the world to serve alcohol, but the question lingers, will there be a “marijuana friendly” theatre? A cannabis cinema is unlikely, but we had to ask.

If this goes through, we could just image the smell in the theatre with all the spilt booze on the floor. It’s bad enough after a 2 hour show trying to walk out without losing a shoe to the sticky pop on the floor.


The cleaners will have their work cut out for them, and for them, we thank you.



  1. Can’t people last a couple hours without beer and alcohol. What happened to seeing a movie and then getting something to eat and a drink after the movie. It all started with Toronto selling wine and beer in city parks. We are showing our children that you can’t enjoy yourself, whether it be an NHL hockey game, going to the park and now the movies, without having an alcoholic beverage. Doesn’t Thunder Bay have enough problems with alcohol???

  2. Yes ! There’s nothing I’d like more on a night out than watching the local drunks getting rowdy in the theater and pan-handling at the door for spare change . What could go wrong ?

    1. Another stabbing maybe. I’ve read a few articles where people have parked here and had their vehicle broken into. I agree adding alcohol will only make this place worse than it already is.

  3. great place for kids…see drunks, smell it everywhere, more talking….outside smoking up weed, come out after and get mugged and car trashed, this place is finished!!! City is finished…

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