A joint effort of the TBPS Drug Unit with the Guns & Gang Unit along with the Community Response team successfully executed a search warrant during the afternoon on August 2, 2017 on an apartment located in located in the 200 block of Wilson Street and a vehicle associated to the residence. Officers were acting on information they have gathered over a five month long investigation.

Just after 1:00 officers stopped the vehicle and arrested a male and seized $16,000 in Canadian currency. Officers then proceeded to the Wilson Street apartment where they arrested seven males and one female and seized Cocaine valued at $16,000, Marihuana valued at $2,000 along with $5,200 in Canadian currency.

The following individuals have been charged with a variety of drug related charges including Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Proceeds of Crime and Obstruct Police:

  • Robenson Saint Jean, 19 year old from Ottawa
  • Ali Fahad, 24 years old from Ottawa
  • Gedi Bache, 20 years old from Ottawa
  • Omega Deo, 23 years from Ottawa
  • Kadar Ismael, 23 years old from Ottawa
  • Ismael Labin, 26 years old from Ottawa
  • Marko Kostiw,23 years old from Toronto
  • Darryl Dyer, 37 years old from Toronto
  • Cayla Dawn Sheedy, 26 years old from Thunder Bay

On September 14,2017 ROBENSON SAINT JEAN appeared handcuffed before His Honour Justice Dino DiGiuseppe to plead guilty to 3 criminal counts.

Count 1- possession of cocaine for purpose of trafficking.

Count 4-obstruct police by trying to destroy evidence.

Count 9- possession of proceeds of crime.

Having served 44 days at the Thunder Bay Jail which was enhanced to 66 days of presentence credit, SAINT JEAN was sentenced to 7 months in jail. Which left him to serve 5 months.

He was released on statutory release after serving a little over 3 months.


SAINT JEAN also received a DNA order and a 10 year weapon prohibition along with a 600$ victim surcharge fine.

The $22 050 dollars that was found on him was forfeited to the Crown as proceeds of crime.


After being released from jail, sources indicate that ROBENSON SAINT JEAN went right back to dealing crack cocaine in Thunder Bay. Sources further indicate that he has extensive Ottawa gang connections.

SAINT JEAN graduated high school and excelled in sports. Sources indicate that he was being scouted for professional football.

SAINT JEAN made his way to Thunder Bay to deal crack with his fellow Ottawa gangsters.


On Friday March 29,2019 itโ€™s alleged that JEFFREY MILLER cut the throat of 21 year old ROBENSON SAINT JEAN in the Hilldale and Melbourne Road area. The exact reason why is not known, but crack cocaine is strongly suspected to have been part of the reason.

An ambulance arrived and picked up SAINT JEAN. On the way to hospital, SAINT JEAN tried exiting the ambulance to run away with a bleeding throat. Police arrived quickly.

Sources further indicate that while bleeding out at the hospital that SAINT JEAN told police โ€œF**k you, I donโ€™t talk to pigsโ€ before he bled to death from his wound.

JEFFREY MILLER stands charged with second degree murder of known crack dealer ROBENSON SAINT JEAN.

MILLER remains in the Thunder Bay Jail until at least a Bail Review by a Superior Court Justice.

Big thanks to our news tipster at the courthouse today.


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  1. Good thing they spent 10+ years on project dolphin only to create a power vacuum that is destroying this city and it’s only going to get worse. Don’t get me wrong I’m not defending criminals I’m just saying the people on top have no foresight.

  2. Wow so young and willing to give up a possible football career where he would make big money and it would all be legal it is sad he was so young and did have a lot to live for had he chosen the right path in life. This quick money obsession that these young people have now a days is sure destroying a lot of lives when are these kids ever going to wake up and realize there is no quick way to earn big money and drugs is certainly not the way. I hope he R.I.P.

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