(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย A police presence was visible at the Royalton building in Port Arthur late this afternoon.


Thunder Bay Police Service along with Superior North EMS responded to the scene.

A person was found on the floor in an upstairs apartment and was presumed dead by paramedics upon their arrival.

Once the coroner on duty examined the person, they officially deemed the person dead.

The body was removed from the location in a body bag and a stretcher.


Witnesses on the scene have said it was a male that had passed, and the cause of death is uncertain at this time.

The man is believed to be around his early 30โ€™s.

Police do not seem to be holding the scene, at least not outside the apartment doors.



    1. you don’t have to comment on every god damn post. Sometimes when you nothing about a particular topic it’s best to just shut your mouth and take in the info from others.

    2. Yes, another overdose. Are you concerned or disgusted? Doesn’t matter the way it happened, a Mother lost a child. A person lost a sibling, a child lost a parent etc. Sad, no matter how right?

    3. I was inquiring about why there was no Special Investigation Unit. You know the big van the police have when a body is found. I was concerned as to why they werenโ€™t there. My condolences to the family.

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