(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A suspicious death has occurred on the cities north side in the 100 block of Cumberland Street South, according to residents in the building.


The notorious Andras Court is the location where Thunder Bay Police uniformed officers along with the forensics unit have a presence on the fifth floor.

Earlier today, Superior North EMS along with Thunder Bay Fire Rescue and Thunder Bay Police Service responded to the building.

As of right now, the investigation is continuing, and few details are known at this time.

Residents in the building have said that they suspect it was drug-related. Numerous overdoses have been happening in the last few days. Drug users please be aware that there is likely bad drugs going around(all drugs are bad but these drugs are killing people).


We will update you as more information becomes available.



  1. All drugs are bad when misused, especially government sanctioned drugs the pharmaceutical companies dish out……..

    1. Does methadone really work? Is it just a replacement until they can find/afford their next hit? Why does our city keep losing our loved ones to overdoses and yet we have an increase in needle users. Put down the needle and smoke a joint. Enjoy life.

    2. Loops, I firmly believe the Methadone clinics cator to those who can’t afford their next fix. Don’t get me wrong, there are those who legitimately use this clinic in hopes of freeing themselves of the drugs, but unfortunately they’re far and few between.
      These methadone clinics are the worst concoction the Liberal government has come up with. Let me rephrase that, these methadone clinics are just one example of what the liberal government has come up with that are a complete failure.

    3. Instead of enabling these addicts when their brains have been hijacked by the addiction disease maybe rehabilitation programs would be a success for the addict and would definetly create more jobs for Thunder Bay. How about Ford funding that. For the people.

  2. In the Anonymous Submissions #0065 the writer said she was creeped out by a car which seemed to be following her. Whe mentioned in her submission that this occurred near/she lives in Andreas Court. Is it the same building (Andras Court) where the suspicious death occurred. The 2 incidents are not likely related but it seems this area is one where all of us need to keep our eyes open and heads up even if we are just visiting the city.

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