(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Last evening, multiple REAL Concerned Citizens reported hearing gunshots buzzing near Northern Ave & along Simpson Street.


Police were seen shortly after with multiple units at the Royal Eddy, but that turned out to be a domestic situation.

Ontario Provincial Police arrested a male for possessing a Glock handgun that was concealed. The suspect is from the Toronto area, and was taken into custody after the reports of gunfire were heard.

25-year-old Temahl Vuffong appeared in a Thunder Bay WASH bail court this morning via video. He was at the Thunder Bay Ontario Provincial Police detachment.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding, along with Gordon Fillmore as the Crown Attorney, and Lianne Roberge and Arturo Acosta as duty counsel lawyers.


Vuffong is facing the following criminal charges:

  • Possession of a firearm (glock)
  • Not authorized to carry a concealed gun
  • Transport firearm in a careless manner
  • Possessing a loaded prohibited firearm

The Crown is opposed to Vuffongโ€™s release on all three grounds, and indicates he intends to show cause as to why the accused should remain in custody.

The three grounds of detention are as follows:

Primary Grounds โ€“ The Crown believes that the accused is most likely not going to return to court.

Secondary Grounds โ€“ The Crown believes the accused is highly likely to either reoffend or become a public safety concern.

Tertiary Grounds โ€“ If the accused were to be released, the public would lose faith in the administration of justice.


Duty counsel indicates that Vuffong has counsel out of Toronto named โ€œAlonzoโ€, and has recieved instructions from โ€œAlonzoโ€ to remand the matter to Monday October 15th.

The Crown states that he was only provided one name, โ€œAlonzoโ€, as in no last name, and asks who โ€œAlonzoโ€ is.

Duty Counsel advises that they too have only recieved one name, and asks Vuffong to clarify the matter.

Vuffong informs the court his counsel of choice is Alonzo Abbey.

Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron orders Vuffong back into custody, pending his October 15th court date.

Vuffong is escorted back to his jail cell at the OPP Thunder Bay detachment, where he will await prisoner transport to the Thunder Bay District Jail.



  1. This person should be charged and held accountable to the full extent of the law .Instead of forcing law abide citizens with proper hand gun owner ship. The laws are there,use them.

  2. So sorry that our police work so hard put their lives on the line & THE JUSTICE SYSTEM sets the criminals free or a little slap on the wrist !! WHY is this ?? Sadly money comes to my mind .

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