(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ TRCCTB Was at the courthouse this morning, enjoying a cigarette when a Caucasian lady approached me asking for a smoke, we handed her one and was just about to hand her a lighter when she started screaming.


At first I was confused because she was screaming across Miles street for someone to โ€œput my bag downโ€.

I noticed a male had two backpacks on and was walking away. I started to walk towards him and asked him to release her bag. He dropped the bag and kicked it, then started walking towards me aggressively mumbling something about a gun.

The woman backed off, but I knew there was going to be a good story here, so I continued to approach her bag. I pulled out my cell phone and made the call to 911.

Once the male heard me ask for police assistance, he started to walk away.


Suddenly another male started yelling and approaching me from behind. I wasnโ€™t sure if he was yelling at me or the other man.

He identified himself as the womanโ€™s husband and ran right up to the suspect.

It was at this point the suspect turned around and pulled out a gun, pointing it at the ladies husband and myself.

As I was still on the phone with 911, I told them โ€œheโ€™s got a gunโ€.

Police arrived within 20 seconds, as the male was attempting to flee down a back alley.

Police quickly apprehended the male without incident as he shouted โ€œI didnโ€™t do anythingโ€ and โ€œI didnโ€™t rob herโ€.


A quick search of the area turned up an air soft handgun.

The male was detained by police.

A total of 5 police cruisers arrived on the scene in the fastest response time Iโ€™ve ever experienced, less than 2 minutes. I hung up with the 911 operator once police arrived on scene.



  1. Our uniformed police are doing an amazing job.

    However, I’m pretty sure there is something big going on here. The amount of Police Im seeing near my children’s school is high. They are always patrolling the area as students arrive and leave. They just seem to be “conveniently” in the area an awful lot. More so than coincidence. This is something new since September this year.

    Are we on the verge of a major gang war? Terrorism? .. something is up and nobody is saying much.

    Pino, luckily that was only an airsoft. The potential for an actual firearm is higher than ever. Using an “imitation” firearm comes with the same strict penalty as using a real gun… and nobody goes to jail anymore so that just begs the question… “Why not just use a real gun?”

    The answer should concern us all.

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