(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A truck has crashed into a north side restaurant this morning.


Members of the Thunder Bay Police Service, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue and Superior North EMS are on scene of the collision.

Nobody is believed to have sustained serious injuries. We are not able to conclude if an impaired driver was at the centre of this situation.

Java Hut is closed for at least the day.

UPDATE: The lady who was driving this truck is alleging that her brakes failed. Others on the scene allege that she must have mashed the gas pedal as the trucks tires were spinning even after the truck stopped.


Please avoid the area so that first responders may work safely.

”My second day of vacation has started off rather eventfully.

Just so you know everyone is unhurt.

While having morning breakfast with my long time friends at Joe’s restaurant the Java Hut I watched a truck come across the parking lot at a fast rate of speed towards the only empty spot in the lot. Unfortunately the truck didn’t not slow down and plowed into the place sending glass and brick everywhere.

We were sitting 15 feet away as you can see in the picture.

It’s remarkable that no one is hurt or worse.


My friends and I have sat in that exact spot on many Saturday mornings. I was told after that the boys originally wanted to sit there this morning too but then changed their minds.” Albert Hathazi

We are working hard to uncover more of this story and will update this article as more facts become revealed.

Photo Credits: Albert Hathazi


8 Replies to “Truck Crashes into Java Hut”

  1. Thunder Bay has been having a real problem with people crashing into buildings to the point I think the National Building Code needs to be changed to mandate crash posts in front of all buildings that have ground-level windows. I suspect that on a per-capita basis that Thunder Bay has become the drive-through capital of Canada.

  2. If the driver was DUI or stoned, then good chance of just a light tap on the wrist. The driver will just get a new truck and
    continue to do what they want. Expect way more of this type of hazardous activity because these creeps know they dont have to own their actions. They can stone up as high as mars and they dont have a worry in the world. Only a matter of time before innocent people get killed because of this garbage. The laws in this country suck when it comes to this stuff. Coddle the offender and say a prayer for the victims family.

  3. Looks like a Toyota truck. Could be one of those faulty Toyota gas pedal mechanisms that were recalled a while ago. Hope its not one of those recall notices that went ignored. Otherwise she better see a lawyer about a lawsuit.

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