(UPDATE) Serious Injuries From Havoc @ The HODDER


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Police are currently investigating and interviewing numerous people following an incident at the Hodder Tavern over the weekend.


Sources at the scene have told TRCCTB.COM that there was multiple groups of men who were all engaged in a brawl that broke out. 5 people left the scene with injuries, 3 of them with serious injuries.

Overall, there was about 15 men who were all jacked and a few of them tanned. They started causing ruckus in the bar and a couple of them decided they were going to โ€œtake it outsideโ€. One man was seen running around topless randomly punching people. There were multiple people being beaten up by at a ratio roughly 3-1 or more.

After the incident moved outside and order was restored inside the bar, violence erupted in multiple areas outdoors.

Hodder Tavern management and staff were working hard to clear out the ruckus and called police. The males responsible for the violence erupted fled the scene before police arrival.


Injuries that we have heard are:

A male victim in his 30โ€™s was strangled and punched repeatedly in the face. He now has a broken eye socket as well as bruises on his neck, a black eye and lesions on his head.

A male victim in his 30โ€™s has a head injury which includes severe swelling to his face, black eyes, multiple lesions to his head as well as boot marks on his chest, presumed to be from getting boot f**ked in the chest.

A male victim in his 20โ€™s has a broken jaw. He underwent surgery to have plates and pins put in 2 different spots and multiple broken teeth. The broken jaw was from being boot f**ked in the face multiple times with boots.

A female victim in her 30โ€™s was hit in her face and has some swelling. If it wasnโ€™t for her throwing men off of 2 of the male victims they could possibly be dead right now.

A female victim in her 30โ€™s was thrown around and is extremely sore and could only watch her husband being beat and boot f**ked.


All of the victims are related to one another in some way shape or form.

If you have any videos or pictures of the incident, please email them to tips@trcctb.com we guarantee your confidentiality.

(Photo from the movie โ€œAmerican History Xโ€, not of actual incident)


8 Replies to “(UPDATE) Serious Injuries From Havoc @ The HODDER”

  1. So lets get this straight you go out of your way too have a fight with 5 guys and no ome calls the cops . Mmmm sounds like someone loses their licence for liqour. If lucky not sued as that is not a no fault injury.

  2. From what I recall, the Hodder has numerous security cameras inside the bar. Perhaps the video footage could be obtained and released for the purposes of identifying the suspects?

  3. Just think how bad it’s gonna get now that Ford says you can start consuming alcohol at 9 am. Just saying.

    1. will make no difference, the only ones out that early are the older crowd regualars at the bars, the only time a bar gets out of hand is on a friday or saturday night when the younger crowds start coming out.

  4. The hodder should make the security video footage public so they can find these people. The hodder is not a busy bar anymore so it is odd the get a group of 15 people at the location and not one customer or bartenders recognized them. I’m sure there is more to the story that will come out with time.

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