VIDEO: Laundry Room Heist Suspect


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Thunder Bay is plagued with criminals committing crimes of opportunity such as theft, robbery, fraud etc.


Numerous judges have acknowledged that a massive majority of these and other crimes committed in Thunder Bay are the direct result of addiction issues.

Today is no different, a laundry room owned by the wrong guy to f**k with fell victim to a heist. The male suspect can be seen fidgeting with some tools he had in what appears to be some sort of fanny pack.

The owner of the building wants this guy identified and him to be informed of who he is.

The location of this building is not known at this point as we are waiting for further information from the owner of the building.


Anyone who knows who this guy is, please message us with the information and we will pass it along through the property channels.



5 Replies to “VIDEO: Laundry Room Heist Suspect”

  1. He looks like one of those wanted Wednesday folks, Anthony? He was wanted for possession with intent if I recall correctly. I will have to double check. That haircut is doing him no favours lol.

  2. Dude , turn yourself in, get your promise to appear. Have a good nights sleep and some good food.

    – signed


  3. Punk was bare handed. Cops should look for prints.

    Knowing this town, the creep is likely a repeat offender and regular participant of revolving door justice.

  4. Ummmm! Iโ€™m confused, the guy I video is obviously black!! They guy arrested is white? Ami missing something ?

    1. that’s an old article (the white guy). I think it was posted in this article to show it’s not an isolated incident, but rather a city wide problem.

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