(VIDEO) Mayhem at the Marina: Car Drives Through Pedestrian Crossing


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Mayhem exploded at the Marina today during Mining Day.


So far, all we know is a woman was driving, possibly impaired and possibly a recipient of the Child Tax Benefit.

Witnesses on location say the woman drove across the train tracks and into Marina Park via the pedestrian train tracks crossing near the Water Street bus station.

After the video ends, the woman was backing up and going forward frantically, in an attempt to get off the tracks for the incoming train.

Below is the video captured by a REAL Concerned Citizen.


Be safe citizens. The woman who recorded the video was with three kids and was not going to risk the childrenโ€™s safety to intervene with the driver of the vehicle. The train stopped and the vehicle was safely removed.

Video Credit: Ashley Aubrey-Martinson


5 Replies to “(VIDEO) Mayhem at the Marina: Car Drives Through Pedestrian Crossing”

    1. exactly. Thank you. Most parents I know (who are employed) get CTB. Kind of silly to associate that with poor behaviour.

  1. WTF was she doing driving on a pedestrain walkway in the first place? What was she high on? Hopefully she is charged not only by the railway police but by the city cops as well. There is just no shortgage morons behind the wheel in this city. The kicker is that they know they can get away with dangerous driving and reckless driving because they know the cops are all too busy trying to manage other trash in the city. I have driven down “the Coq” aka “Highway Through Hell” after a 3 hour traffic jam in dark dense fog with a thousand drivers all jocking for the lead at 120 KMph and felt safer than I do driving in this town even on a clear dry sunny day at 60 KMph.

  2. Wow……Nice to see that so many people in Thunder Bay have never made an error behind the wheel! The pedestrian crossing at the waterfront is poorly marked and can clearly be mistaken for a vehicle pathway to tourists or new to Thunder Bay drivers. Lighten up people!

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