(VIDEO) – Old Lady Robbing Suspect Flee’s From REAL Concerned Citizens


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier this evening a senior citizen in her 60’s was robbed after she exited the Copperfin Credit Union on Algoma.


The suspect made off with about $200 of this woman’s limited income.

Thunder Bay Police Service were fast to respond to the scene with numerous cruisers but the suspect had made it to a well known “crack shack” near the corner of Pearl and Secord.

The suspect is described by witnesses as:

  • Indigenous.
  • Aged mid 20’s.
  • Blue sweater.
  • Salmon coloured shirt.
  • Black skinny jeans.

A group of REAL Concerned Citizens were aware of this suspect, as they had been at the scene of the incident earlier when it happened and noticed the same person walking out of the known crack house.


The elderly ladies son chased the suspect on foot up to the crack house as witnessed by this group of REAL Concerned Citizens.

The group decided to follow the suspect from a safe distance and started to record video after a bit. During the video some shouting can be heard before the suspect enters an apartment building on Algoma, 93 South Algoma.

Below is the video.



5 Replies to “(VIDEO) – Old Lady Robbing Suspect Flee’s From REAL Concerned Citizens”

  1. So the police must of got him then right?
    The POS was cornered in the apartment.
    Not only that, they could of busted the drug dealer.

    But it will be interesting to know, that this dealer wasn’t busted, and allowed to continue on doing what junkies do.
    Why are out of town drug dealers – people we’ve never heard of, being busted on an enormous scale.
    Yet our local, well-known Dealers who make it blatantly obvious what they do, are allowed to stay slanging?

    We have well-known dealers living on Picton, Egan st, and Algoma.
    They don’t even try to hide what they are doing.
    Yet TBPS hasn’t put a stop to their business…
    Interesting isn’t it?
    Our locals can continue to slang, but the out of towners are getting picked up.
    One would almost draw the conclusion that these guys are allowed to stay in business provided they “Inform” on the out of town movers.

  2. Pino,is it possible to get the woman’s name to start a go fund me ? I would be the first one to insure this woman gets her money back .I hope they catch this piece of crap.

  3. What are the cops doing with this info? Are they going to apprehend the guy and have the victim i.d. this creep? Too bad the people pursuing this snake didn’t get ahead of him to get a good look at his face. Does anyone know the culprit’s name?

    If the cops don’t do anything about this, it’s only a matter of time before someone with a Louisville Slugger waits for this p.o.s. and lays the lumber to him or worse. When our police and justice system fail to protect society, vigilanteism will be inevitable. Might be wise for the cops to deal with loser now for his own protection.

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